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Game of Thrones Season 4 Promo

Not only is The Walking Dead back tonight, but I just watched this bad ass season four promo for Game of Thrones. Enjoy all of the back-stabbing-fire-breathing-gold-handed goodness! UPDATE: A fan-made trailer has just come out for Game of Thrones … Continue reading

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“The old gods stir and will not let me sleep,” she heard the woman say.

A few weeks ago, the day after my birthday, I woke up to the worst phone call a person can get. My mother informed me that my grandfather had, quite unexpectedly, passed. I had been planning on flying home to … Continue reading

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Game of Thrones Season 3 Soon Soon Soon!

Pretty sweet trailer, eh? You have all your favorite characters and quite a few new ones coming. I would think that this would be exciting for both people who have and haven’t read the books. Even if you know what’s … Continue reading

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A Dance with Data

It’s taken me a long time to get to this. I know I sound like the opening of something cheesy sports movie, but it’s really true. The last few months have been extremely chaotic what with relocating and having to … Continue reading

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Five things for September

As I previously mentioned, I’ve decided to start a list of five things every month that I’m really digging at the moment. It’s a call-back to my old blog in which I listed something that brought joy to my life … Continue reading

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A Feast of Information

Well, I finally finished reading A Feast For Crows last week and I have some things to say about it. The very first being: sorry it took me so long to read the damn book. I’ll be commenting on the … Continue reading

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A Clash of Kings

I wrote a post somewhat recently about how I had been reading A Game of Thrones and how I was enjoying it so much. Well, I finished that book and I’m proud to say that I’m on to the next book in the A Song … Continue reading

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