Stan Lee’s LA Comic Con – Let’s Go!

Well there was a bit of a to-do about my press pass this year, so I haven’t been writing much about LACC on the off chance I wouldn’t attend, but at one minute to midnight, the pass came through! I’m still expecting a bit of a kerfuffle picking it up, but regardless, I WILL be at LACC today!

Please feel free to say hello and let me know you’re a reader. I’ve met some really cool folks that way. 🙂

Remember I’ll be dressed as Log Lady from Twin Peaks, so be expecting cosplay pictures along with photos/recap from the con itself!

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Sharing this as I’m a fan – The Rock to appear at LA Comic Con

Stan Lee’s Los Angeles Comic Con and Official Media Partner ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY Announce Appearance by Dwayne Johnson at L.A.’s Mega Pop Culture Gathering at the Los Angeles Convention Center on October 28

LOS ANGELES, CA (Thursday, October 12) – Stan Lee’s Los Angeles Comic Con and Time Inc.’s (NYSE: TIME) ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY (EW), the official media partner of the 2017 edition of L.A. Comic Con, announced today that Dwayne Johnson will make a special appearance at the convention. On Saturday, October 28, Johnson will appear on behalf of his upcoming film “Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle,” which hits theatres December 20. The 3-day pop culture extravaganza runs from October 27-29 at the Los Angeles Convention Center.

As the Official Media Partner, EW is collaborating with L.A. Comic Con to enhance and elevate talent participation and programming for the over 100,000 attendees expected for this year’s 3-day mega-convention.  EW will feature all the fun and excitement of the Convention in the magazine as well as on  And to top it all off, each and every badge holder will receive a one-year subscription to America’s leading pop culture magazine, with a total combined audience of 26 million consumers.

Badges are available now at

2017 marks the 7th year for Stan Lee’s L.A. Comic Con, which has grown into one of the largest gatherings of stars and creative talent in comic book, publishing, gaming, film, broadcast, cable and streaming entertainment.

About Stan Lee’s Los Angeles Comic Con:

Stan Lee’s Los Angeles Comic Con is Los Angeles’ biggest and best large-scale, multi-media pop culture convention. Held annually at the Los Angeles Convention Center, Stan Lee’s L.A. Comic Con assembles the most exciting and innovative in comics, video games, sci-fi, fantasy, horror and all things pop-culture. With a mission to provide celebrity, creator and talent access that is unequalled in comic conventions, Stan Lee’s Los Angeles Comic Con features unique panels, autograph sessions and photo-ops that give fans once-in-a-lifetime opportunities to truly interact with their favorite creators and major players in the entertainment industry.  Stan Lee’s Los Angeles Comic Con is a partnership of Stan Lee’s Pow! Entertainment, Cassandra Peterson, and Comikaze Entertainment, Inc.  Visit


ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY is your all-access pass to Hollywood’s most creative minds and most fascinating stars. The magazine was launched by Time Inc. in 1990 and is America’s leading consumer publication in the entertainment category, with a guaranteed circulation rate base of 1.5 million and a combined audience of almost 28 million loyal, engaged fans.  Each day, publishes a myriad of featured stories, news articles, TV-recaps, original videos, film reviews and photo galleries. The PEOPLE/ENTERTAINMENT WEEKKLY Digital Network continues to rank as the #1 site in its competitive set with close to 100 million monthly unique visitors. ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY is the first to know about the best in entertainment. With sharp insight, unparalleled access and a trusted voice, EW keeps readers plugged into pop culture. This is where the buzz begins.

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Five Favorite Things for September

1) Explorer’s Press – I found this brand in a little consignment shop called Hunter & Hare in Vancouver, B.C. The spirit in it reminds me of my dad and his friends in a lot of ways. 4x4s, camo, hunting, adventuring, camping, staying up late and raising hell! I got this patch because I thought it was fitting to pick up while traveling: Yay for supporting local artists!

2) Halo Top – I’m obsessed with this ice cream. It is about 300 calories in an entire pint, it’s packed with protein, and it comes in really good flavors. I think the only ones I don’t care for are Red Velvet because that’s disgusting in general (don’t argue with me!) and Oatmeal Cookie because it was meh. Pro tip: Crumble a few pretzels into the Salted Caramel one and enjoy! 😛

Bonus, look at this weird ass commercial for it:

3) Mystery Science Theater 3000: The Return – I used to watch MST3K as a kid, so I was both excited and a little nervous about this reboot not living up to my fond memories. I really love it though! Jonah Ray is doing a great job in the hero role and Patton Oswalt and Felicia Day as the villains? Come on. Gold.

Do yourself a favor and at least watch the Reptilicus episode.

4) Farm Sanctuary – I had the opportunity to transport an animal to this facility recently and take a tour while I was there, and I just have to give these guys props. It’s clear how much they love these animals by the care they provide.

Look at these cute lil turkeys! See the bandage on the white ones foot? It has a little infection so they’re taking care of it. 😥

5) Oxygen Not Included – You all know that I’m a fan of Klei’s Don’t Starve game, and this is there new venture! It feels more technical than Don’t Starve, but maybe that’s just because it takes place in space. You have to build your little people a bunker, make sure they have places to sleep, enough resources, sustainable oxygen levels, etc.

I’m new to it, but it’s just as addictive as Don’t Starve and I’m really getting into it. Check it out!


That’s it for this month. Stay tuned for more posts about LA Comic Con and the Labyrinth Masquerade I’ll be attending!


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Twin Peaks Cosplay

Alright, ladies and germs, the time is here! I’ve decided that at L.A. Comic Con, I’ll be cosplaying as…

*drum roll please*


Quick two minute doodle I did on the tablet

Margaret Lanterman aka LOG LADY from Twin Peaks! It’s a weird choice, I know, but I like weird. I can’t wait to see you all there to discuss owls, sticking gum under counters/seats, and perhaps a special kind of oil.



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Five Favorite Things for August

Bringing back an old favorite here —

Five Favorite things! This time it is for the month of August. These are basically just things I’m excited about currently. It’s like Oprah’s favorite things only you have no reason to listen to me, and you’re not getting a new Prius or a lifetime supply of stainless steel cooking knives by Mariooooooo Bataliiiiiiiiiiii! So…useless sort of. Whatever, read anyway. 😛

  1. Overdrive app – My friend Susie told me about this app and I’m obsessed now. You link it to your library card and can place holds, borrow ebooks, etc. with a little tap on the screen. I’m still figuring it out, but I’ve blown through half a dozen books already. I have a long commute (about an hour in the mornings and evenings – 45 mins at best), so I can really cruise through audiobooks. Recent reads include Neverwhere, The Maze Runner, Gone GirlAmerican Sniper, The Invisible Man, and The Devil Wins. Speaking of…
  2. Neverwhere I LOVED this book. It’s my first experience with Neil Gaiman, but I’ve been wanting to read his stuff for a while. Everyone has a different favorite of his, so I put holds on every audiobook of his that they had in my local library, and this one was the first one I was loaned. The world is so beautiful. Honestly, I got a little obsessed. I’m so glad to hear that now that he’s done with Norse Mythology and American Gods is underway on TV he is working on the sequel to this book. YAY!

    Beautiful interpretations of Mr. Croup and Mr. Vandemar, two of my favorite characters (click the photos for source artists as well as I can tell):

    Fox and Wolf

  3. Wraps – Switching over to a veggie-only diet could have been challenging, but wraps have been one of my favorite things for super filling dinners. My favorite recipe right now is Sundried Tomato and Basil tortilla, a dollop of Athenos plain hummus, a handful of baby spinach, some cherry tomatoes, sliced red onion, black pepper, and slow roasted chickpeas. If you want to go really buckwild, add a drizzle of light Italian dressing. Et voila!
  4. Art Set Pro – With the new tablet, I realized I needed a decent program to doodle in. I did some research, and while I’m keen to try several more, I’m very happy with the one I chose based on reviews: Art Set. It lets you use multiple tools (pastel, crayon, pen, paint brush, etc.) and lets you adjust things like opacity, thickness, etc. It’s been very helpful for me. Here’s a little sampling of things I’ve done thus far:

  5. Outrider Design by Ryan Lynch – I love this guy’s designs. His patches, pins, mugs, etc. are mostly Southwest/American West-inspired. You can buy his stuff here. These are my favorites that are on my wishlist:

    I’m a mug junkie so the Midnight Oil one is high on my list. Perfect camping mug. ❤


Look for next month’s edition of my Five Favorite Things and thank you for reading!


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Art Projects

Hi all,

I’ve already expressed my love of nerdy things through cosplay, DIY projects, and obviously, writing, but I wanted to share a new medium as well. I recently was gifted an iPad Pro, so I’ll be sharing art projects on my twitter page/here from time to time. Follow me there for a look at one of my passions!

@GoreyCorbin! Give me a follow!




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Cosplay/Convention update

Hi all,

I won’t be able to attend ScareLA unfortunately. Not a good year for conventions, I’ll tell ya! I will be traveling for a good chunk of con season and other things are just getting in the way. I wiiiiiiiiiiill be at Stan Lee’s LACC though. (*Fingers crossed*)

And you know who I’ll be going as? Let’s narrow it down by show…


There are quite a few hot babes on the show and some bad ass dudes. Who could it be?! Audrey? Coop? Bob?!!!?!?!?!

Stay tuned.


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Pictures from Ma

My mom came to visit me recently (check my twitter feed for some of her ridiculous quotes) and she brought me some pictures for my “portfolio.” It was really sweet. I think she thinks because of my arts background that I’ll end up doing this for a living somehow. Nahhhh, just fun to play dress up. Like a big kid. 😛


Note that the stunning girl on the upper right dressed up as Lily Munster is the makeup job I did on a girlfriend and not moi!

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Upcoming cosplay plans!

Hi all!

Sorry I’ve been MIA. I’ve been busy writing for and my other site,, along with lots of other life crap. Rest assured though, this site is my first love. ❤

So, are you all excited about Game of Thrones? Twin Peaks? Stranger Things Season 2? IT? It’s kind of a nerd’s dream right now, huh? I know I’m dying for all of these. I’ll be talking about some of these later on the site.

Before I get to that though, I wanted to give an update on upcoming cosplay/con plans. Here is where I’ll be:

ScareLA (August 4-5)

Stan Lee’s Los Angeles Comic Con (October 27-29)

I really hope I get to see some of you there! It’s honestly been so nice for someone who is an introvert to form and maintain friendships at these conventions. Nerds unite!!!

Just so you know, I’m likely not going in costume to ScareLA because I’d like to talk to some vendors and my masks/makeup/props have hindered me in the past when it comes to this.

Me: “Herrrerrryerrrlaaaahheeenuhcahhhh?”

Vendor: “I’m sorry…what was that?”

Me: “Howwww areeee youuuuu likiiiiiing theee coooooon?”

Vendor: “Ohhhhhhh! Yeah, it’s alright.”

Of course, I could always change my mind. No cosplay is my plan at the moment though.

However, I WILL be dressed up for Stan Lee’s LACC. Can you guess what I’ll be going as?? Hint hint: It has something to do with one of the shows mentioned above. 😉

All will be revealed soon!



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Freak Show Tee

Not really a “project” but it was DIY! I ended up dying the shirt I got at Monsterpalooza, and I wanted to share because I dug the way it turned out. I’d never dyed anything before, so this was a first, but it was really easy. I just did cold water in a tub + packet of dye + 1 cup of salt. Stirred it up and boom!


Dig that sweet emoji action. 😛

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