Halloween 2018

Hi all,

I didn’t end up going to as many cons as I wanted this season, so here are a few shots of my look for Halloween. Killer clown. Took inspiration from a little bit of everything. Penywise, Joker, Harley, and some amazing artists. 🙂

Also, if we communicated via twitter, you’ll notice that I no longer have one. After a lot of thought, I decided that I want to focus on living my life, not on social media. I was checking these things far too often and getting anxious over ignorance, racism, etc. I think my time is better spent enjoying life and doing things to actually combat those negatives. Maybe I’ll change my mind, but for now, that’s what I’m doing!




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4 Responses to Halloween 2018

  1. The Hound says:

    This is pretty rad! Love the makeup. Did you leave your hand blood-stained, or was that just for the balloons? Sorry to see you’re no longer in the Twitterverse as well, but I completely understand the rationale. Sometimes, real life has to take precedence and we can’t live our entire lives through a screen. It’s very Black Mirror, that. Anyway, all the best.

    • EBCorbin says:

      Thank you! I had to wipe down my hands after the fact so that I could work all day, haha. If I was going straight to an event, I probably would have left myself all bloody.

      And thank you. I’ve stepped away from nearly all social media now except for work purposes. I think it’s too hard on the spirit — at least for me!

      Kind regards,

      • The Hound says:

        Sorry to hear that! I’ve always enjoyed your blog and social presence. I hope that you continue to pop in here now and again as well to keep your readers updated, but if you don’t, I understand that you have to do what’s best for your own mental. Best of luck, Gorey.

      • EBCorbin says:

        Thank you and so sorry for the extremely belated reply. For some reason, I never got a notification. I will continue to update here occasionally, but I think I’ll be more active on my other site ebcorbin.com. 🙂 Thanks again for reading!

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