Recap: Long Beach Comic Con 2018

Hi folks!

This past weekend was Long Beach Comic Con, and I had the pleasure of attending. I went on Saturday as Black Cat, so if you saw me and/or we chatted — hello! Miss Felicia is a cosply I’ve done before, but always interpreted in a different way. This was definitely the most va-va-voom I’ve ever gone with her, which was fun, but in terms of comfort, boy did I miss the last version I did where I wore very comfy, flat boots! I still have blisters on both of my footsies. That made workouts this week a real treat, haha.

Overall though, it was fun as usual. Check it out!

The costume:

My favorite artists/booths:

  • Fan Flaire — This gal is clearly a 90s baby or just a big fan. She basically made my whole childhood into pins, and they’re amazing. I particularly liked the Benny’s Cab Co. pin from Halloweentown, the Leaning Tower of Cheeza and Hi Dad Soup pins from A Goofy Movie, and the Killer Tofu pin from Doug. Check out her work!
  • Drip Face — If you are into the movie The Witch and that whole period, ritualism aesthetic, you might dig this artist. The tooth necklace and three-eyed cat are probably my favorite pieces.
  • Kai B Parker — Really liked this guy’s loud, graphic art. Checking out this gallery online, I dig the Spider-man/skull piece, the Barb piece, 80s Frankie, and, maybe most of all, the Cyclops artwork.
  • Frank Gidlewski — This guy was so nice. He did a free “bad drawing” for me of a really weird robot. He said he is inspired by 90s shows like Ren and Stimpy and Rocko’s Modern Life (another 90s kid!), and that really comes through in his work. It’s all really out there and fun. You can get his comic Fantasma Girl and Fantastic Boy No. 1 for just $5 on his site.
  • Wee Bit O’ Geek and Freak — I might have saved the best for last here. This is a mother-daughter duo who make felt dolls of characters from their favorite fandoms. I’ve purchased one from them in the past and was so happy to run into them this con so that I could get another. I bought a Dobby for my girlfriend’s birthday and she was totally smitten. The dolls feel very well-made and they’re all so darn cute. No matter which you choose, you really can’t go wrong. (Their felt dolls are pictured in the mosaic below.)

Cosplay and other sightings around the con:

I also ran into my bud Cujo from the 30 Minutes of Diabolical podcast who chatted briefly with Kristian Nairn (Hodor from Game of Thrones). Snapped a pic of that (see below). And Nairn said he liked my costume, so, yeah, pretty sure we’re best friends. Don’t worry, I won’t make him haul me around in a basket when we go out for brunch.


Well, that’s all from me! Another successful con. I know I said that I was considering attending Son of Monsterpalooza, but I ultimately decided to pass. I’ve had a run of bad luck (my laptop quit on me, car needed some repairs, etc.) and it’s left me drained both of energy and moo-lah. It’s important that I just recharge and avoid buying up a bunch of spooky goodies. So, the next thing on the agenda is LACC which is in late October. See you there! 😀


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