Recap: ScareLA 2018

Hi Boils and Ghouls!

I attended ScareLA last weekend, as you may know, but I’ve been dealing with a cold this past week, so I’m just now getting to the recap. Here goes!

Entrance to ScareLA

The entrance was very cute. There was the big, blow-up monster archway pictured above, and then on the other side, there was fog drifting in, pumpkins, and a big ScareLA sign pictured below.

I didn’t want to go in costume to this con since I was bringing my mom with me and she didn’t really want to dress up. So I just went with some fun make-up and horror/Tim Burton-inspired clothing.

I have never been to a convention before that was in the dark, and got really excited walking in and seeing that all the lights were out and there were flashing lights and screams coming from the main hall. The only problem was that you couldn’t get very good photos in the dark, so they’re all a bit grainy.

A zombie maze at the entrance. I didn’t go in myself — I’m not one for these kinds of jump-scare things — but people were definitely having fun!

The layout of the convention was my biggest issue with it. There were some live performances going on by this group of creepy clowns called the Decayed Brigade. I’ve seen them at past conventions as well. They slide around, do stunts, and scare people basically. The area they were performing in, as well as the ghost train space, was just a little chaotic and cramped, and since it was in the dark, it was a little disorienting to navigate around. Other than that though — very cool!

Jeepers creepers, where’d you get those peepers?!

The convention offered lots of hands-on, immersive experiences. I was very impressed by the range of activities. There were crafting sessions, VR areas, little vignettes for photo ops, psychic readings, movie screenings, makeup demos, and more. I caught a couple of panels, one of which was “Evil Genius + True Crime.” They discussed (among other things) the recent capture of the Golden State Killer, which I’ve mentioned before here that I’m very interested in.

Also, sometimes smaller conventions lack decent food and beverages, but that wasn’t the case here. In the upper foyer of the Los Angeles Convention Center there is a cafeteria and coffee stand. ScareLA had live music going on there, so you could eat and listen to different artists. Inside the actual hall, you could get healthy, veggie-type bowls, donut ice cream sandwiches, what looked like various types of asada fries, craft sodas, and cocktails. As you were leaving the con, there were vendors selling dirty dogs and sodas, too.

As for the booths on display, there were lots of clothing and accessory shops and places selling horror-themed toys. My favorite vendors this year were Monster Tease, DRKLGHT CLOTHING, Dirty LolaDemonic Pinfestation, and, as always, Local Boogeyman.

I purchased a Jason Voorhees shirt from Monster Tease. It was hard to choose, as there were great Bride and Creature shirts. I liked the unexpected pop, neon colors. From Dirty Lola, I purchased an enamel pin that was a cat with the Aladdin Sane lighting makeup. I purchased it as a gift for my friend who is a fan of both Bowie and kitty cats. (Shhh, it’s for Christmas!) And I got a “Hail Walt” shirt from DRKLGHT. I love Disney and I love goth/horror stuff, so this was perfect. It is very Rosemary’s Baby. Plus, the company is all about “Positive Mental Attitude” and support, among other things, the LGBTQ community.

The Voorhees shirt says “Killin It Since 1981” by the way.

We had a couple of cool celebrity sightings. Linda Blair, who plays one of the most iconic horror movie characters of all time, Regan from The Exorcist, was there. My mom and I also got a picture with Ve Neil, who, if you aren’t familiar, is an Oscar-winning makeup artist. She’s responsible for Beetlejuice (!!!) so yeah, she’s a big deal. She’s also a judge on Face Off which I have just gotten into recently and my mom really digs.

Ve was sitting (she appeared to have a foot injury of some sort) and my mom is basically a leprechaun, so I had to crouch awkwardly in my heels.

Overall, I had a lovely time. It definitely got my psyched up for Halloween and scratched my horror itch for now.

Closer look at my makeup. The dope Frankie necklace is from my friend. She also gave me a Wednesday Addams one. ❤

Thanks for reading, all! Next weekend is Long Beach Comic Expo, so tune back in for my recap of that. I’m hoping I’ll be cold-free by then, because I’m sick of feeling sick! 😛


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