Five Favorite Things for July

1. Dark Edge Jewelry by Ewelina Pas

I had mentioned in a previous post that I have been getting into raw jewelry lately, but this is a whole new level. Dark Edge Jewelry is very witchy and bold, and I’m really into it. There are some pieces that are more costumey and some that can be worn every day. I like the everyday pieces the most because they’re a little subtler but still make a statement.
This one is probably my favorite:

2. Sleepy Hollow

I had watched the first season of this show when it premiered, and then, to be honest, just kind of forgot about it. I’m glad I got back into it though. It’s pretty darn cute! If you’re into fantasy, a bit of light horror, and history, this could be your next show. It’s kind of like National Treasure meets Grimm in terms of content, and I’d say tonally it’s similar to Once Upon a Time. Definitely worth checking out!

sleepy hollow

Found on

3. Pokemon GO

Okay, don’t judge me! This is another thing I’ve recently gotten back into, and I’m actually really having fun with it. I had hit level 20 the first go around (when people were going insane for the app) and then got rid of it because it was taking up too much room on my phone and I was losing interest. I started back up because I am trying to lose a little weight, and I wanted to go for walks on lunch, and thought this would be a fun way to keep me moving. It’s working! I’ve been spending my lunches catching little summertime pikachus wearing cute little hats and sunglasses! Look at this evolved form:

How cute is this??

4. My Favorite Murder

I’m officially a murderino! That’s what this podcast’s fans are known as, and I’m proud to say I’m in that group now. My two friends got into this podcast and kept telling me that I absolutely had to listen because of my love of the macabre — and they were totally right. It’s taken over my commute to and from work.

The podcast is basically just two women from California discussing murder (everything from Ted Bundy to mass shootings to cold cases) in a very casual, funny way. They’re both comedians/writers/actors/podcasters, but it really just comes across like two best friends gabbing, which I like. I think it’s a perfect example of that feeling we all have — looking over the edge of a building, rubbernecking at an accident, etc. — morbid curiosity. And, like Karen, I’m interested in the build up to these incidents and the psyche of these killers. I don’t really care to revel in the gory details (they’re very good about not doing that for the most part), but rather, understanding all of the pieces of the larger puzzle.

5. Fancy Shmancy “No Cal” Coffee

Like I said, I’m trying to slim down a bit. One change I’ve made to help with that is to change my coffee habits. My go-to historically has been a skinny vanilla latte (sometimes hot, but mostly iced) which doesn’t have much in the way of calories. Usually it is about 100-200 cals depending on the size of the cup. However, I’m now doing cold brew + stevia + a generous amount of cinnamon. That’s maybeeeee 10 calories, and yet, it’s so yummy! If I’m really looking to treat myself, I’ll put a splash of coconut milk in it. It’s like horchata. Mmmmm. Seriously, you should try it.

On that note, I’m going to start doing a new feature which is a recipe and a TV show/movie recommendation to paired with it. I did this a few times when I first started my blog, and I’m eager to get back to it. So many ideas! 😀

Always more to come, guys. Thank you for reading!



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