Recap: Long Beach Comic Expo 2018

Hi all,

I had a great time at Long Beach Comic Expo this past weekend!

First stop was a stop at The Mighty Luchador booth. I tell ya, it really pays to be positioned near the door, because people pass by you when they arrive and right before they go — double the shot at a sale. I was that sale! I bought a shirt for my friend’s upcoming birthday and the lovely creator of the comic, So Electric (clearly his Christian name, right?), threw in a free signed comic and button! Check them out here.

A little ways away, I snagged a beautiful Bride of Frankenstein pin from the Psycho Swami booth. I have a Frankenstein from Yesterdays, and I think they’re going to look super cute next to each other on my leather jacket lapel. I like the juxtaposition of something creepy or bad ass with fun colors. I guess that’s why pastel goth appeals to me.


Moving on, I stopped by the Karate Pet Shop booth. They may sound familiar because I saw them at the last con I hit and we spoke for a bit. They have some really cute books, including one about a kid who has to make the naughty list in order to save Christmas. This time, I noticed a new book: a Rikki Tikki Tavi graphic novel with the original Rudyard Kipling story in the back! Yeeeeee! My nickname growing up was Rikki (my dad still calls me that when he phones), and it was just too perfect. I bought one and the author, Norm Harper, signed it for me. 🙂


As expected, I saw some wonderful cosplay as I walked the floor and the outer courtyard. Here are some of my favorites:


Finally, got to see some famous faces. Joe Keery (Steve from Stranger Things), Kimmy Robertson (Lucy from Twin Peaks), and Sherilyn Fenn (perhaps best known as Audrey Horne from Twin Peaks) were among them.

To move in order…

Yes, Joe is as cute as a bug’s ear — all that gravity-defying hair included. He seemed very nice to all his fans, though I didn’t personally talk to him. He seemed quite busy as you’d imagine, and I thought I’d leave him to his hoard of adoring fans.

Kimmy was so quirky and cute. Again, I didn’t speak to her personally because she was about to go somewhere, but I definitely made note of her colorful hair and outfit. It totally matched the way I had pictured her to be in real life. Maybe it’s her voice? She just seemed very pixie-like. She had some rad blue-teal hair going on and a rainbow sequin backpack — the mermaid scale kind that changes as you pet it.

Finally, Sherilyn was very sweet. I actually got a chance to speak with her for a while. She said my hair was a beautiful color and pointed out that it was the same as Kimmy’s. (I wish she had said “Isn’t it too dreamy?” but I’ll take what I can get ;)) On a sadder note, she mentioned that her dad had passed away just a few days prior, but that the con was helping her stay busy. I gave my condolences and agreed that it is sometimes best to keep your mind active during those times, or you might just end up sitting at home, living in the sadness. She said she knew her dad would be happy that she was out, especially spending time with fans. My heart just went out to her. Even if it is expected (I have no idea if it was or not), it doesn’t make it any easier.

Before I end the recap, here are a few artists I think you should all check out. They caught my eye at the con for one reason or another, and I wanted to show them some love.

Jenna Gray
Maiden Voyage
Ellie Abate
Hailey Rose Kosinski

That’s it! So happy to have attended and look forward to next year’s LBCE. 🙂


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