Five Things for November

Hi all! Happy belated Turkey Day. Here are my five favorite things for the month. Thank you for reading! I hope you discover something fun and new.

  1. Stephen King – I had never read any King except for his short story “The Raft”, but he is such a prolific writer and is having such an amazing year, that it made me really want to dive in. I started by tackling The Stand and then I moved on to his Bill Hodges Trilogy. I’m starting the third book in that now. I’m also starting IT soon, which my friend gave me as a gift. I’m enjoying a lot of it overall. I’ve had some issues with each thing I’ve read, but I think that’s kind of a good thing. I’d rather read something I have issues with and is thought-provoking than just mush, you know?

  2. – Speaking of reading, my friend told me about this site where you can keep track of books you’ve read, want to read, are reading, etc. You can set goals for yourself (example: mine was read 50 books this year); you can rate books and participate in discussions about them; just all sorts of cool stuff! I’ve been using it and it’s really fun.
  3. Projected laser Christmas lights – I know this might seem like a weird one, but I think these are so cool. I discovered them a couple of years ago, and they’ve come out with so many options since then. I got them for my Grandma this year because they’re very simple but create a big effect, and she doesn’t have to worry about hanging any lights to get that. Christmas light trends kind of come and go and I can see this being “outdated” after like 5 years, but for now they’re pretty cool.

    I prefer the red and green or white ones and not crazy dancing Santas and whatnot. I don’t really want a Pink Floyd laser light show. Just classic Christmas.

  4. Raw stone jewelry – I’ve gone through phases with my jewelry. I used to like really loud things because to be honest, when I was a bit heavier set, I felt like I could speak better through accessories than the clothing options I had. Things have improved but when I was considered “plus size”, I felt like my options were all cheap and/or boring. Now that I feel comfortable in my style point of view though, I think my taste in jewelry has evolved. I like a lot of art deco-inspired pieces, bondagey grungey pieces, but I also love rustic. I guess I’d describe it as “hunter meets hunted”. Here are some cool artists I’ve discovered on etsy. 🙂

    Wanderlust Jewelry
    Vermeer Jewelry
    The Chaos Department
    Inc Designs


  5. Indian Food – I’ve been on a major Indian kick lately. I am admittedly a very picky eater but I’ve been trying to push myself in recent years to try new things and open my mind. Trying all different dishes of a culture is so fun and has really made me appreciate the depth of it all. Sooooo samosa, paneer, chana aloo masala, and everything slathered in butter sauce please and thank you! 😛



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