Hi all! In addition to the October Create-A-Day challenge, Stranger Things party, and LACC, I managed to fit in Halloween fun! Check out my Halloween in a nutshell below.


I tend to go overboard when it comes to projects, especially anything Halloween-related since it is one of my favorite holidays. This year I was on a budget and really wanted to make an effort to re-use pieces I already had for this year’s costume. Play it smart! And what better choice for a costume than the ultimate Ghost With The Most?

I’ve done a couple versions of Beetlejuice now that you’ve seen. The first was a femme Beetlejuice with a little umbrella and skirt for Son of Monsterpalooza. The second was with pants and a striped top and definitely more masculine. I did a very messy brow and Oreos in the teeth for extra ick-factor. 🙂 This time around I went kind of in between. Masculine wear but a slightly femme face and a pair of jazzy green heels (left over from Poison Ivy cosplay!)

Also, my lovely friend went as the Lydia Deetz to my Beetlejuice and she KILLED it. We gave her spidery bangs and she used her Dad’s vintage camera as a prop.

As a treat I made these “Graveyard Cups”. Very similar to “Worms and Dirt” or “Pumpkin Patch” treats but with a minor candy tweak. These are just chocolate pudding, crushed chocolate cookies, and little candy skeleton parts. They’re colorful, tasty, and I got all the stuff from the dollar store. Cost me a total of $6! Cute, huh?

20171030_083503 (2)

Oh, and don’t forget the pumpkins!


Happy belated Halloween, boys and ghouls. I hope you made this week a good one.




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