Recap: Stan Lee’s LA Comic Con 2017

Hi all!

I had a blast at LACC and wanted to share my trip with you! This con has changed so much in the past five years — for the better! Comikaze was the first con I went to after moving down to LA and it has grown and evolved into something really special. Check it out!

Here is my Log Lady cosplay, first of all. I attended alone this time, so these are all selfies. Apologies!

I actually had the plush log pillow for my Twin Peaks-themed living room already, and all the super frumpy clothes were mine because I’m secretly geriatric and just want some Werther’s Originals and a nap. So all and all, the look cost me about 20 bucks for the glasses and wig via Amazon. I’m hoping at some point to re-use the glasses for a Where’s Waldo look or maybe Barb from Stranger Things. Cosplay is best when you can get a lot of mileage out of it! Yay cheapness!

A shot of the crowds before they were let onto the con floor:


I started out by visiting artist Camilla d’Errico.

Her work is fanciful, surreal and just so gosh darn cute! I loved her little strawberry porcupine and her rainbow Totoro. We spoke a bit and it turns out she’s been doing artwork her whole life, but professionally for about 18 years. She has a handful of compilation books with Dark Horse that you can find here. You can click here for her own store with prints and things! Seriously, check her out.

I moved on around the Artists section, visiting several talented individuals. Here are the ones that stick out in my mind…

How to describe Harvey Del Rey‘s pop art? It’s like someone was watching Bravo and then took acid. It can be purchased here.

Cutesy items from Doctor Frankendesign. A husband and wife duo manned the booth and they were really sweet. You can purchase their stuff here.


My favorite was probably Joey Spiotto aka jo3bot. His artwork is so great! I love the juxtaposition of adult pop culture references and Little Golden Books-esque children’s art. He has a book about Ridley Scott’s Alien and the rest of the Nostromo crew taking a day off. The Alien cleans the house and runs errands and stuff! SO PRECIOUS! AH! His stuff can be found on etsy here. Use coupon code “JOEBOT2017” and save 20% on your order. It expires December 31st so act fast!

Honorable mentions worth checking out (in no particular order):

  1. Karate Petshop – There is a Christmas themed book that I’ll likely buy for my nieces. It’s called “The Naughty List” and it’s about a boy who has to be naughty in order to save Santa and Christmas.
  2. Zacksploitation – Taco BELLE. Heh.
  3. Plop Cartoons – Check out the Halloween special on YouTube!
  4. Michael Stiles – He has a hodgepodge of things on his etsy right now, but the food-related pieces were/are my favorite. Like the little Smarties candy reading a book. 😀
  5. Jon Goff – Talked to this dude for a bit about his comic (and the sequel) about a dog named Pugly who leaves his life of luxury and joins a gang of street dogs who teach him what it means to be a true canine. Super cute and clever. I’m a sucker for anything with smushy-faced creatures though, so let’s be honest, it didn’t even need to be clever. Hit him up on twitter here. Though I can’t say I agree with the views he’s expressed about Stranger Things on there. 😛
  6. Jenisse Taylor – I like this style a lot. The Labyrinth and Haunted Mansion pieces are really cute.
  7. Miss Alphabet – She is a one-stop shop for all things Kawaii and pastel goth. I really want a pair of her pizza hotpants. What a fun secret to know you’re sitting down at work with zany undergarments on underneath. The pop tart bloomers are so good too!
  8. Bat in Your Belfry – Spoke very briefly with Michelle Prebich, the artist. I’d seen her stuff at a horror con or two (can’t quite recall). She’s been doing the con scene for a couple of years now. I love here Shining twins, Haunted Mansion, Nosferatu, etc. I fear if I had a disposable income it would get spent A LOT on her shop.
  9. Crude Inc. – Shout out to these dudes for giving me a free Twin Peaks button for my cosplay. 🙂
  10. Super Emo Friends – The little Dean from Supernatural and Pennywise are the best in my opinion. They have all sorts of characters to choose from.

After the artists area, I went over to the corner where The Price is Right was doing a special travelling thing. I managed to spin the wheel that ruled my childhood and do the Showcase Showdown! Spoilers: Log won a jet ski and a lifetime supply of Uncle Ben’s Brown Rice.

After that, I really just roamed the con floor meeting cool people and seeing cool things! Here are some random shots I got along the way:

Overall, it was a very cool con with a good mixture of special features, panels, cosplay, and artists. I was only able to attend Friday, so I can’t really speak to the celebrity encounters, but I’m sure they were fantastic. In previous years I’ve attended the masquerade and other evening events, and I could attest that they’re lots of fun. 10 out of 10 would recommend. 🙂

Can’t wait for next year.



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