How To Throw A Kick Ass Stranger Things Party

Season 2 of Stranger Things is here! So maybe you want to throw a viewing party for the first episode (or all of them!). Here is one I threw  this past weekend, and it was easy to put it together. (Not pictured: bundled ball of Christmas lights, DnD materials, and a few other little decorations)

I knew that I wanted to throw this party but do it as cheap as possible. Hey, it is the holiday season, and I need money for gifts! No judgement. 😛

Here are things you can do for free (or close to it):

  • Christmas lights – string lights all over the place! Joyce Byers went light-crazy when trying to communicate with Will.
  • Sheets and/or sticks for a make-shift Castle Byers
  • Set the mood with a Spotify playlist. You can play the Stranger Things soundtrack and/or mix it up with songs by The Clash, The Bangles, Peter Gabriel, etc.
  • Print out these flyers and tack them up everywhere!
  • Recycled paper/posters done up with paint and/or markers to make signs. You could do Castle Byers, Welcome to Hawkins, U.S. Department of Energy, etc. and place them around your house.

If you want to get fancier:

  • Themed foods – I served Eggos and coffee for breakfast, chocolate pudding for a mid-day snack, burgers and fries for dinner, and a Barb-themed cake for dessert
  • Costumes! Hot Topic has some great options.
  • A plastic ax a la Joyce Byers vs. Demigorgon
  • Make an alphabet wall! I did mine with paint, posterboard, and tape. It was actually pretty simple!
  • Crushed coke cans a la Eleven in the lab 😥
  • DnD materials strewn on the table
  • Pumpkins if you want to be on point for this season’s theme – Halloween
  • A make-shift photobooth! These are really easy to do — I did one for Labyrinth once for a friend. Section off a little area of your house for photos and someone can be the picture taker. It’s better yet if you have a Polaroid or a tripod, but remember your phone probably has a timer on it and a selfie-mode to check that you have your photo just right. Make it fun! Here are some ideas:
  • Themed drinks! Everyone loves a themed cocktail. Try one of these ideas:



Now run out and enjoy your party! Make it a GOOD now-memory!


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