Five Favorite Things for August

Bringing back an old favorite here —

Five Favorite things! This time it is for the month of August. These are basically just things I’m excited about currently. It’s like Oprah’s favorite things only you have no reason to listen to me, and you’re not getting a new Prius or a lifetime supply of stainless steel cooking knives by Mariooooooo Bataliiiiiiiiiiii! So…useless sort of. Whatever, read anyway. 😛

  1. Overdrive app – My friend Susie told me about this app and I’m obsessed now. You link it to your library card and can place holds, borrow ebooks, etc. with a little tap on the screen. I’m still figuring it out, but I’ve blown through half a dozen books already. I have a long commute (about an hour in the mornings and evenings – 45 mins at best), so I can really cruise through audiobooks. Recent reads include Neverwhere, The Maze Runner, Gone GirlAmerican Sniper, The Invisible Man, and The Devil Wins. Speaking of…
  2. Neverwhere I LOVED this book. It’s my first experience with Neil Gaiman, but I’ve been wanting to read his stuff for a while. Everyone has a different favorite of his, so I put holds on every audiobook of his that they had in my local library, and this one was the first one I was loaned. The world is so beautiful. Honestly, I got a little obsessed. I’m so glad to hear that now that he’s done with Norse Mythology and American Gods is underway on TV he is working on the sequel to this book. YAY!

    Beautiful interpretations of Mr. Croup and Mr. Vandemar, two of my favorite characters (click the photos for source artists as well as I can tell):

    Fox and Wolf

  3. Wraps – Switching over to a veggie-only diet could have been challenging, but wraps have been one of my favorite things for super filling dinners. My favorite recipe right now is Sundried Tomato and Basil tortilla, a dollop of Athenos plain hummus, a handful of baby spinach, some cherry tomatoes, sliced red onion, black pepper, and slow roasted chickpeas. If you want to go really buckwild, add a drizzle of light Italian dressing. Et voila!
  4. Art Set Pro – With the new tablet, I realized I needed a decent program to doodle in. I did some research, and while I’m keen to try several more, I’m very happy with the one I chose based on reviews: Art Set. It lets you use multiple tools (pastel, crayon, pen, paint brush, etc.) and lets you adjust things like opacity, thickness, etc. It’s been very helpful for me. Here’s a little sampling of things I’ve done thus far:

  5. Outrider Design by Ryan Lynch – I love this guy’s designs. His patches, pins, mugs, etc. are mostly Southwest/American West-inspired. You can buy his stuff here. These are my favorites that are on my wishlist:

    I’m a mug junkie so the Midnight Oil one is high on my list. Perfect camping mug. ❤


Look for next month’s edition of my Five Favorite Things and thank you for reading!



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