Recap: Monsterpalooza 2017

Hi boils and ghouls!

I had a wonderful time at Monsterpalooza and wanted to share it with you all. It was my first time going. I’ve been to Son of Monsterpalooza which is a smaller spin-off show held in Burbank, but this one was in Pasadena, the same spot where they hold ScareLA.

I wanted to reuse an old costume piece — my vargulf mask (pictured below) that I made.

I’d just like to say that somehow my PJs in this shot are missing (Tina >:[ ) and my jacket is gone (most likely goblins).

So, I repainted the mask brown and gave it a glossy finish this time with Mod Podge so that it would have a wet look as if it was actually coming out of my face. I also wanted this one to look more like it was extending from my mouth a la The Howling or The Company of Wolves and less just raw carnage like Hemlock Grove. For this reason, I used a portion of a pre-existing mask with a nose already on it, modeling wax, liquid latex, and concealer.

So here were my initial plans:

I have to do step by step so I don’t accidentally do things out of order and screw myself over. For instance, if I had applied my sharp claw-nails before I put my contacts in, I would have an entirely different look on my hands–Little Blind Riding Hood

Here is the actual evolution that took place, and I think it was pretty close to my notes if I do say so myself:

Personally, I think I could have stopped at the first step because I looked crazy hot. Out of control sexy.

A better look at the finished product:

Things I learned:

  • Putting in contacts is hard and may cause swearing, fist shaking, and in rare instances, unwaranted scolding of pets who are just innocently watching you
  • We should all have crazy respect for SFX artists because what they do is insanely difficult
  • Knowing your materials is important
  • Sometimes going for the trusted brands/slightly more expensive ones is worth it
  • You may realize halfway through that your plans are flawed and have to improvise

You can’t see it in the headshots above but I had a red hair bow, wig, velvet cape, black dress, and red sparkly flats. I also used a basket and put flowers and a handmade card for Red Riding Hood’s sick grandmother in it. It was kind of fun creating the card because I had to pretend to be a kid and draw stick figures.

I was there all evening Friday and got to see the museum with awesome props, cool cosplay, artists both old and new, and some really sweet collectibles. Here’s a look of the shots I took.

My favorite things were probably watching the SFX makeup being done in real time and being able to look at all the props up close and personal. Both things just left me awe struck. These artists are such visionaries. In order to work in this field you have to be able to see in layers. I don’t think people realize that. Or maybe we all just take it for granted. I know I certainly do. These people though — they have to be able to see the end product in their minds and have the patience and determination to bring it to life. It’s just so inspiring. ❤

As for the swag I picked up, I kept it to a minimum this time around. I got a shirt and a patch from my pal the Boogey Man, and I got two claw machine plushies to round out my monster collection!

When I went to Long Beach Comic Expo I got a Chaney Wolf Man, Karloff Mummy, and Lugosi Dracula but they were out of Frankenstein’s Monster and The Bride. When I saw these I snatched them up super quickly. I’m thinking about sewing all of their little hands together to create a garland. Thoughts?

I also have dye because I’m not really a white shirt type of gal. I usually go black or jewel tones. I am going to dye the Freak Show shirt jack-o-lantern orange. It will be my first time doing something like this so hopefully it turns out alright!

Well, that’s it. It was a blast and I look forward to the next con. Most likely it will be ScareLA. Please note I won’t be able to make it to LBCC in September because I have bridesmaidly duties in a friend’s wedding. Womp womp. Still, me in a bright turquoise 50’s-inspired dress is pretty close to cosplay. 😛





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