Lucille Tutorial – Long Beach Comic Expo 2017

Hi all! Here is a little tutorial for my Negan bat AKA Lucille. It’s super simple and looks pretty dope if I do say so myself.

Disclaimer: Please note that you won’t be able to enter a con with an object that can possibly cause blunt force trauma—I was able to take my wooden bat inside LBCC thanks to a wonderful person who helped me out but I won’t go into too much detail about for privacy’s sake—sooooo I recommend picking up something like this instead. If you go this route, skip on down to step number 5.

However, if you’re not worried about getting it inside a con and it is for Halloween or photos or something, start from the beginning of the tutorial!

You’ll need a baseball bat, fake barbed wire, paint, sandpaper, and paper towels. You may also want gloves while you work, fake blood if you’re going for that just-killed look, and/or a brush to apply the paint/blood.

Step 1) I used regular 33” wooden Barnett bat, which like most bats has a sheen to it due to a thin layer of plastic/decal lettering. Since Negan’s bat has been through Z-day, we need to distress it. Sand down the bat until the entire thing is free of that thin coating. Use paper towels (or a dust rag) to get all of the excess dust and plastic bits off.

Step 2) Apply a generous layer of spray paint to the entire bat (I used grayish-brown paint from Rust-Oleum’s flat finish roof accent line).

Step 3) Rub the bat with a paper towel until the paint has soaked into the wood. It should create a really great grimy, distressed look.


Step 4) Once dried, go back over the bat with the sandpaper in places to create organic looking scuffs and scratches and bring out the grain of the wood. Remember, Negan has been bashing in the brains of the living and dead alike so this bat has seen some shit. It shouldn’t look pretty!

Step 5) Using your prop barbed wire (I used something like this), tie a simple knot about halfway up the bat. Then whirl it around the bat and find a natural place to tie it off. I wanted some of my loops to be loose and some to hug that bat a bit so it looked like it had been swung a bunch of times, but you can do it however you want! Optional: You can paint your barbed wire too! I wanted mine to look rusty in places but still show “metal” underneath, so I sprayed the rope in spots with Rust-oleum Specialty Metallic Silver paint and patted it a bit with paper towels so that it looked organic and not zebra striped.


Note here: For the barbed wire, you can easily make your own with some semi-rigid rope from a craft store and just tie simple cross knots down the length of it almost like a kite tail. That’s basically what the prop stuff is anyway. It’s just up to you how you want to do it – look at the prices! In my case the prop rope was cheaper. You can also use painted tubing from your local hardware store or even wire, but the wire could possibly get you in trouble at the weapons check-in point at some cons, so do that at your own discretion.


Step 6) If you’re going for the bloody look, I highly recommend using blood paste as it will stay wet and look a bit coagulated in places due to its viscosity. Blood paste can really create that fresh brain/blood look. However, if you’re taking photos at all, I recommend a mixture of blood paste and blood gel, which has more of a syrupy texture, so you could get some really dope dripping shots.

20170219_193414 20170219_193433

And that’s it. Aside from a 2 minute blood application I did at the convention itself, the whole thing likely took 30 minutes including drying time. 🙂

I plan on repurposing the bat later on for my interpretation of Harley Quinn, but I’m letting Harley-mania cool down for a bit first before going there.


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