Recap: Long Beach Comic Expo 2017

This has got to be my third or fourth time a Long Beach Comic Expo, and it always feels a little bit like Long Beach Comic Con’s little brother – smaller but still fun and with a lot of heart. ❤


My character was pretty recognizable this go around. As I walked across the courtyard toward the con, a man who was hanging out with his family shouted, “NEEEEGAAAAAN!” and I turned and gave him a nod. He was pretty happy about that, which was super cute. I also had a heart-swelling moment when a particularly rad female Mad Eye Moody at the entrance of the con gave me an acknowledging,“Negan,” as he walked by and I replied, “Mad Eye” with a nod.

Damn it, I love cons.

Though I liked quite a few of the booths, my favorites were primarily horror-related. Shocking, I know. There were some very cool vintage posters at a few of them, and it was hard not to grab them all. I’m a fan of ridiculous bad-good horror movies, especially ones that have that 70’s exploitation vibe. Something like Catholic School Girls from Hell 7: The Bloody Cross! is ideal. I mean, that’s not real…but it really could be. I ended up getting a Satan’s Cheerleaders poster to hang up across from the Ray Bradbury The Halloween Tree in my living room.


I also snagged some limited edition plushies of Universal Monsters. I got the Mummy, Dracula, and Wolf Man. There was a dope Freddy Krueger and a decent Chucky, but I figured you can’t go wrong with Karloff, Lugosi, and Chaney, right? One of each horror master! I was just bummed that they didn’t have a Frankenstein’s monster/bride on hand, but what can you do?

I spoke to the booth owner who said these dolls are actually meant to be bought wholesale and put in those claw machines I’m a total sucker for. He divulged that 1) when purchasing these plushies from the company, they come with a video tutorial on how to interlock the dolls arms so that no one can win the game (I KNEW IT! BASTARDS! >:[ ) and 2) he could get in big trouble for selling these. Ooooh! Scandal! Intrigue!


I also had a nice time at the end of the con talking to the SquidNova guys  – our third collaboration I believe. Link to their podcast(s) will be up at a later date.

Thanks for the chat, dudes!


Welp! That does it. My next con is Wondercon in March (still deciding on the costume) and then Monsterpalooza in April. See you there!




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