A couple more costumes from 2016

I wanted to show you guys a couple of fun costumes I did at the tail end of 2016 other than Black Cat, femme Beetlejuice, and my little batsy outfit. I also did a Lumberjack Lumbersexual look and a more gnarly Beetlejuice look. I think we can all agree that these are waaaaayyyyyyyyyy sexier than anything else I’ve ever posted. (Note the bushy Brawny Paper Towel guy brows and Oreos rubbed in my teeth for the Beetlejuice look.)


Here I am chopping my friend’s head off because he had the nerve to say his beard was better than mine.



Doing my best Ron Swanson.



Also, hidden jankiness bonus! Look closely at my Beetlejuice pants and you’ll see that I forgot to zip up the fly for quite some time so my pants were all puffed up and my lady bits were nearly exposed. Fun!


I’m slated to hit Long Beach Comic Expo in February (not sure if I’m cosplaying yet but I do have some ideas…) and Monsterpalooza in April. I’d like to attend the Edwardian Ball but I don’t know about the price. Seems amazing though! Their namesake appears to actually be taken from Edward Gorey, which is where I get mine from as well. 🙂

Everything else is up in the air though. I’m working on lots of projects all over the place so just stay tuned!



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