Recap: LA Comic Con 2016

Hi all,

Sorry it has taken me all week to get this put up. It’s been a crazy past few days!



As you know, I went as Black Cat, but I wanted to put a twist on it. I went as an interpretation by Jeff Scott Campbell. I know that he is a very polarizing artist, so I thought I’d just say before anyone got any ideas, that I like the premise behind the artwork more than anything. Also, I didn’t go fully authentic. I didn’t have a nice pile of jagged diamonds to kneel in seductively. Oh well. :/

Overall, I had a great time at this con and walked away with so many goodies (you know, the ones I tell myself I’m not going to buy every time). Check it out!

My favorite booths:

1 ) Bat in Your Belfry – Though I didn’t take home anything this time, I am definitely going to buy a print or two later on. The first one I want is the Nosferatu print. It is so creepy and cute — right up my alley. I love his little limp wrist! She also has a great Pennywise and this black and white wolf piece that is very charming.

2) Local Boogeyman – Full disclosure here — I am quite biased, as I know the guy who makes this rad stuff and I own maybe 10 or more shirts at this point. However, I fully believe in the quality of his items and think you should support local businesses like his that have a clear vision and are busting their asses to realize it. Right now he’s offering a “Boogeyman Club Bundle” on the site for $60 and that’s actually an awesome deal. I just picked up a snapback cap myself, and that runs about $33 including shipping, so get all your stuff in a bundle and save!boogeyman


3) Khaos Leather – I was impressed with their custom harnesses and the fact that they dealt with vegan leather as well. That was a big draw for me. It’s really hard for me to justify buying real leather not only but for cost reasons but cute cuddly-wuddly animal reasons. Vegan leather is a great alternative. Khaos had very school girl BDSM vibes. The Craft-chic.

4) JesseJFR Oil Paintings – These were just really weird and fun. If you happen to have a spirtual friend who likes owls and avocados or maybe you’re into Gremlins and you’re Catholic…well, this artist has the stuff for you! I like the Green Yoshi Egg print, myself.

5) So So Happy – This guy gets points for being so positively sweet! He gave me a free little pink monster keychain that is so adorable. I loved the taco leggings and the fuzzy sweaters the most. I’m a sucker for fuzzy 90’s sweaters, especially if they’re cropped baby tee style. I feel this stuff is really great for teen girls and/or anyone into kawaii. Kawaii is like the new Lisa Frank in a way it seems.


6) Yesterdays – I found these guys at Scare LA and instantly fell in love with their hard enamel pins, so I was really excited to see they’d be coming to LA Comic Con. I now have skeleton Johnny from The Karate Kid, a coffin, and Frankenstein’s monster. I still want their Comedian pin and more Maniac Monsters. The purple Dracula reminds me of The Count from Sesame Street.

*Please note that the paddle pin in the pictures below is not from Yesterdays. I got that from BobbysPinCo which also has super dope stuff.*

20161104_132350_001 20161104_132356 20161104_132401


7) The Truffle Cottage – I had a great conversation with one of the gals working this booth. She saw me eyeing the Supernatural chocolates and pegged me for a fan. She made me guess the fillings of the different truffles for each character. I felt so on the spot! I’m so neurotic, I was practically sweating. Like oh no, am I a true fan??? I was able to guess the filling for Dean’s truffle – apple pie (I didn’t even know that was possible though!), but I guessed wrong on Sam. I had guessed Devil’s Food for Sam just because of his stint with demon blood and Lucifer using him, but it was way cuter than that. Turns out it was…drumroll…chocolate mouse. Get it? MOOSE. So cute! I squeeeeeed.

These would make amazing stocking stuffers for Christmas! Pick up the game controllers for me, k thnx bye.

20161028_174559 20161028_174605


Now check out my random gallery of selfies and videos below:


Phew! That does it for LA and for my cos-season, folks! I’ll be traveling for much of December, so I apologize in advance if posts are sporadic.





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