Halloween Cake!

I promised I would provide pictures of my Halloween adventures, so here they are! For my friends’ spooky engagement party I was in charge of A) a cake B) coming in costume and C) doing the bride’s make-up. Phew! Oh I also made something I’ve been calling “Monster Munch” which was Chex, popcorn, pretzels, Reese’s Pieces, mini-marshmallows, and drizzled buttery white chocolateness. So basically, crack.

Pumpkin cake:

The cake is actually two bundt cakes placed together. It was spice cake with chopped walnuts and a vanilla buttercream frosting. The center was filled with candy corns and little candy pumpkins (pumpkinception!) and the top was Rice Krispie treat. I surrounded it with crushed oreos as “dirt” and used orange and green sour gummy worms as creepy crawly decorations. I am used to making pretty simple desserts–brownies, granola bars, banana bread, etc.–so I was pretty proud of how this turned out. I was kind of afraid it would taste bad but I got the thumbs-up on the cake (and the Monster Munch!) from the guests.

Bat costume:

I know I look like a cat or some kind of cat-bat hybrid, but bat make-up is hard to do since they have little wrinkly up-turned noses. I would have had to do a prosthetic nose and shave off my brows or something if I wanted to go authentic. So whatever, I’m a cat bat. Deal with it.

Lily make-up:

I did my own test make-up first before trying it on someone else to make sure I didn’t scar the bride for life. Overall, I am fairly happy with how it turned out. I took inspiration from both seasons and went with a middle ground on the arch of the brow, pinky purpley make-up, and white skin. There are so many fun interpretations of her so it was hard to choose just one style! I wish I had had time to blend out the cheek contouring a bit more, but we were in a rush. Anyway, the bride was happy so that’s all that matters!


More pictures to come from LA Comicon and Beetlejuice!


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