Bats in the Belfry

I decided to do a themed bedroom recently and wanted to share. I’m a huge bats/vampires/horror/etc. fan, and I liked the idea of making the bedroom like a haven. In my sanctuary, there would definitely be bats fluttering about!




I purchased the wreath at Michael’s and my wonderful friend helped me mount it by hanging it on fishing line attached to white hooks. That was the trickiest part because it required hanging it from four points on the circle and making sure it was mostly straight. It might have looked right from one angle, but then you’d walk over to a different part of the room and see that it was totally cattywampus.

I then wrapped two types of LED lights around the wreath — one was fairy lights and one was crystal balls — and hid the battery packs/switches on top of the wreath. I wanted it to look like the bats were fluttering around at night, almost in a pixies’ hollow.

I then created the bats out of textured paper and translucent paper. I wanted it to look like they were flapping their wings, so I put the translucent paper behind the opaque front. I made each one unique with a combination of gold, silver, and bronze stamping ink and different textured/colored glitter. Fun fact, I am a huge sucker for glitter. It’s one of those rare super-girly things about me. You know, totally normal. Buckets of gore and glitter.

I used a hole punch to put holes in the bats in different places (depending on the direction I wanted them to “fly” in). I incorporated beads as well. You can purchase different strings of beads from the craft store and I got ones that spoke to me and I thought would be complimentary both in color and theme. I strung them all together in different patterns, sometimes with the bats at the bottom, sometimes mid-way through the beads, etc. using the same fishing line as I had on the wreath. I also strung some lines of just beads. I tied them up around the wreath at random heights/distances apart from each other. I just wanted it to look organic.

In addition, I put fake flowers (the palette I chose was maroon, blush, and cream) in my head board where I already had edison LED lights hanging. I’ve collected artwork from Etsy artists that depict women with bats or as bats or empowered by them. I chose different mediums and frames and artwork styles on purpose to give the wall depth. Oh, and I have two taxidermied bats (Igor and Bartok) that I hanged in gold/bronze birdcages in the corner to round out the room a bit. The cages were mounted with white hooks as well to give a levitating look and the complimentary-colored chain came from the hardware store down the street.

It took some time/stages to get it to where I wanted it, but I’m very pleased with the outcome. I love to lie in bed at night beneath my starry bejeweled bat sky and read my books. It’s like magic.


Until the next project!



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