Upcoming Cosplay Plans

Hi all,

Now that ScareLA, Son of Monsterpalooza, and LBCC are all finished up, I wanted to give an idea of where I am with cosplay/projects in general. Here is my upcoming schedule!

October 22nd – Bat costume! This isn’t that exciting actually and isn’t really “cosplay” — just a costume. It’s for a Halloween-themed engagement party my friends are throwing (I’m in charge of a cake and something I’m calling “Monster Munch Mix”!) and I needed a costume to wear. I haven’t decided on the details make-up wise and what not, but I got this costume last year and want to wear it again. I’ll post pictures!

October 28th (Stan Lee’s LA Comic Con/Comikaze) – I’ll be attending this con as press, but just like LBCC, I’d like to do cosplay for it. During my chat with Curtis of the 30 Minutes of Diabolical podcast, he brought up re-using costumes. I’ve never actually done that. I think because I get so excited about so many ideas that I just move on to the next. It got me thinking about re-using some pieces though. Thus, I’ve come to two options: Psylocke or Black Cat.

What’s your vote?

October 29th (SFC) – Beetljuice-inspired once again. This one will be a little different than Son of Monsterpalooza–pants, jacket and top, maybe a tie. I think as much as I liked the hard-lined, bushy-browed version in my previous post, I think I’d do a more casual version. Like this:












—- Bit of a break here; I’ll be traveling and working on some other projects outside of cosplay —-

April 7th (Monsterpalooza) – Werewolf using my re-purposed Vargulf mask — I think I might attempt contacts for this one (I’m scared to touch my eyeballs but I’d give it a shot!) and possibly wear a cheerleader outfit because honestly, I think it would be pretty bad ass — very Lollipop-Chainsaw-meets-Buffy vibe. The other option is a Goth Barbie doll which is pretty much my every day grind but fun-ified for the con. 😛

Wondercon – Either Psylocke or Black Cat based on whatever I don’t get a chance to wear to Comikaze.


Alright folks, that’s it! Hope to see you at some of these cons. I know I’ve already heard from some people from past conventions that are going. Looking forward to it. 🙂




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