Recap: Long Beach Comic Con 2016

Time for the Long Beach Comic Con 2016 recap!

I started the day at about 9:00 am. I looked at your feedback from the poll in my previous post and decided to go with red brows and green lips. It was a close race between that and the green brows and green lips. I may end up being Ivy for Halloween to get some mileage out ofscreenshot_20160917-184553 the look, so perhaps green and green will win out then! I did some greenish blue veins in my chest/neck area and around the temple. I was pretty pleased with those actually because I think they looked subtle enough that they appeared to be under the skin. The only thing I’d say I would do differently in the future is avoid putting green at the hairline. It looked dope before placing the wig on, but after putting it on, it almost made it look like my hair was poking out because of the dark shade beneath. That’s just me being nitpicky though.

I got dressed in my outfit which was pretty easy-peasy. I opted for the green fishnets because I thought while the black were my favorite, they didn’t exactly say “Ivy” to me. I spent some time weaving the ivy I got from the craft store through the fishnets and the corset. I wanted it to look like it was growing in an organic way and following the lines of my body a bit. I also pinned one in my hair. I had wanted to do a flower originally but I didn’t think red stood out against the wig enough so I opted for a big piece of ivy and some flower earrings instead.

I left the house at about 10:30 am and took an uber to the convention center. I’m sure it was my fault for not realizing this, but unfortunately, they had moved the con to the other side and there was very little signage/staff making that known. I ended up staring blankly at the empty building with an equally confused group of Powerpuff Girls for the first 5 minutes of my arrival. Luckily the girls’ assistant (manager? friend?) got word that it had been moved and we schlepped over there along with a shark and a panda looking like the weirdest fanfic ever. The line was the most insane I’ve ever seen it. Seriously, it was scary how long it was–clearly evidence of the con’s growing popularity. The staff was a mixed bag in my personal experience. Some were friendly and helpful and some were downright rude. I wasn’t super jazzed with the guy that said, “Yeah, there’s a line,” and walked away when I was asking a question. I got inside pretty easily compared to others though, so I really can’t complain. :/ A press pass at LBCC was the equivalent of a Disneyland FastPass. I was in the main hall in no time.

It’s always such an exciting moment to enter a con. I always get a little flutter. It’s like getting off a plane and landing back home. It’s comforting, I suppose.

I usually have a serpentine method when it comes to conquering the show floor, but I found that the paths were a bit jagged this time, so it couldn’t really be done that cleanly. It didn’t bother me at all but I did here a few people remarking that it was a little confusing. It wasn’t like it was a labyrinthine set up or anything, so I didn’t mind.


A sample video (this one is from bkyguy) showing the inside of the cons and people all dressed up!

For convenience, I’ve broken down my experience in to groups of favorites!

Favorite Finds/Booths:

  • A singing, dancing Gizmo doll from Gremlins that spoke to me on a spiritual level. Seriously, if I ever get drafted to the Seahawks (answer my letters, Carrol), my touch down dance is going to be known as the Mogwai Shuffle. It is a craze that will sweep the nation. You watch.
  • I picked up a book called Rust Vol. 1: A Visitor in the Field which is the first part of a three-parter. The author and illustrator, Royden Lepp, is from Bothell, WA which is close to my old stomping grounds, so that was neat. He explained to me the story and how he had gone back and done a book filled with the pieced-together flashbacks in volumes 1-3. It sounded pretty interesting. It reminded me of George R.R. Martin having two of his books in the A Song of Ice and Fire series run concurrently. I thought that was an interesting choice. Lepp sold me on the hardback and I’m going to start reading it at night before bedtime. 🙂
  • Snagged a crescent moon necklace with a witchy vibe from a vendor called BeeesBeads. She was really sweet. I wish I had had the moolah (and need) for one of her crystalline headpieces. Check her stuff out! You could do a really sweet ass genderbent Thanos with her Infinity Gauntlet Handchain.

Favorite Interactions:

  • Met a rad Jubilee who goes by aznicowboy on Instagram. Absolutely adorable! I think that Jubilee was actually the only person I asked for a picture with while I was on the floor.
  • Griffin! This majestic creature and his wonderful owner were so much fun to visit with. He weighs 150 pounds and is made up of 80% fur and 20% magic. Those are facts.
  • I also got to talk to Curtis of the 30 Minutes of Diabolical podcast. Dude has some interesting thoughts. He does the show with his pal Chuck, who I didn’t unfortunately get to meet because he was sick. Check out the “Choose Your Own Adventure” (V3/04) show for a personal fave. The Le Cirque des Rêves is discussed briefly! Night Circus happens to be at the top of my amazon wishlist. TV Dinner (V3/09) is fun as well. Personal favorite moment? When Curtis declares the cherry crisp the supreme of all TV dinner deserts. Excuse me??

Favorite pictures from before/during/after the con:

This is my third or fourth LBCC and I had an amazing time. This con is definitely growing, but it is in that sweet spot right now where you can still connect with artists and vendors on a personal level and you don’t feel like everyone is just trying to sell something. It is by far one of the best cons you can attend in SoCal at the moment, and I intend to come back for years to come.


Stay tuned for cosplay plan announcements and that bedroom craft project I’ve been droning on about for months!

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