Recap Son of Monsterpalooza 2016

Time for my recap! Let me start by saying I had the BEST time. Seriously, I’m thinking horror cons are my favorite of any kind to which I’ve been. I can’t wait for the actual Monsterpalooza (this one was like it’s lil bitty brother) in the spring! Come join me! I already have cosplay ideas. ūüôā

So, I started out my day at about noon getting ready. I did my hair first which basically involved three cans of colored hairspray (white, dark green, and lime green) and a bunch of teasing. My hair was a huge rats nest and I kind of loved how metal it looked. I decided that I wasn’t going to wear it down because I didn’t want to be hot and melt the whole time. Since I was going for a fancy femme version anyway, I pulled it into a crazy updo a la Lydia Deetz, and topped it off with glittery spiders and some moss. I then did my face, which you saw in a previous post minus the lashes/mascara, so I won’t go into that too much. I was really pleased with the hair and make-up overall!

I got dressed in my outfit from JoceBossBoutique. In case you’re wondering, the halter is available in the shop in general sizes but I had the skirt custom made to my measurements. The lace balero and the bat brooch I have had for ages.

I left at 2:30 pm. It’s a long haul up to Burbank, and I knew that I wouldn’t be going back there for quite some time, so I brought a gift card to Pin Up Girl Boutique that has been burning a hole in my pocket for 6 months to go play with. If I thought I got stares while driving there, that was nothing compared to milling around PUG. It was kind of awesome to be honest. I actually had an adorable little lady offer me a gig to do her Halloween make-up. Score! So I killed time shopping and grabbing coffee from 4:30-6:30pm and then headed to the Marriott for the big show. I was so psyched when I saw a hearse and a giant wolf outside. I was like, “My people!!!!”

I took the next 30 minutes to get prepped. I had to touch up my make-up a bit (some of my moss was coming loose!) and make sure the bats on my parasol were all untangled. I switched from flats to heels as well. Showtime!

It was fantastic from start to finish. There were tons of cool sightings, including Zach Galligan of Gremlins, Bruce Davison (Willard,¬†X-Men, etc.), and Philip Friedman who played the creepy ass old woman in Insidious. Friedman was pretty funny actually. He pulled me aside and made me explain to some rando why the movie is so great. I did love that film so at least I didn’t get caught having to lie! I also interacted with the stars of¬†Night of the Living Dead¬†a bit which was cool. I say “They’re coming to get you barbara!” a lot so it felt kind of surreal.¬†Barbara herself (Judith O’Dea) told me that my costume was great and she loved it. That was so flattering.¬†I also got to¬†meet Dee Wallace (Cujo,¬†E.T., etc.)¬†and talk to her for a while. She said my outfit was cute and she loved my parasol! I wanted to buy one of her Cujo shirts, but she checked her sizes and she only had L-XXL. Sad day. ūüė¶ She agreed it was a super bad ass shirt and offered to bring me one from her supply at home, but unfortunately I couldn’t come back the next day so I had to decline. She was SO sweet though. I love Cujo and she carries that film like a boss.

In terms of goodies, I got quite a few things, but I think I have a couple of¬†favorites. The first was Krampus soap that smelled all Christmasy — Happy Krampusnacht to me! As a bonus, it was being sold by one of the most beautiful women I’ve ever seen. Wowza! I guess it is fitting that¬†Bizarroaugogo‘s tagline is “blood, babes, and beyond!” The second is¬†a little enamel coffin pin to put on my leather jacket. I got it from a company called¬†Yesterdays¬†that has so many cute/creepy/messed up things. Their ET Burrito, Boo You Whore (a Mean Girls-inspired ghost), and Nosferatu were among my favorites. Now that I’m home from the con, I’ve actually purchased another: the Johnny from¬†The Karate Kid. As Gary Gulman says, “The Cobra Kai are rolling joints dressed as skeletons. Is there any more frightning image?” I mean, how could I not get him?

I have to give major props to the people helping out. Staff members were all really helpful. The girls working the front/outside were informative and kind. Even the security guards, though they had to be pretty strict, were pleasant. I think events run so much smoother when the staff is on their A-game (or at least pretending to be), so thank you team!

Please check out the gallery below for some creepy selfies and some shots taken at the con itself! I tried to condense as much as possible, so if you have any questions/comments/concerns (I sure hope not :/), feel free to leave a comment below!


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