Poison Ivy Materials

Hi again,

LBCC is Saturday and you’ve already seen the potential make-up and the wig, so here is a quick shot of the materials I’m using for my costume.

20160909_182941 20160909_182944 20160909_182948 20160909_182951









I have a few pairs of tights to choose from. I have an opaque green, green fishnets, and black fishnets. I haven’t decided which I’ll be sporting yet. I’m partial to the black fishnets, but I’m going to get the opinion of my friends who will be coming along with me. I also have two options for shoes: green and red. The red are going in a backpack and will really only be used if my feet start dying. I have done cons in chunky heels before for hours and hours, but never stilettos. Hope I don’t die. >_<

I got the ivy from the craft store and will be threading it through my tights and applying it to myself with either super glue or spirit gum depending on the surface. No super glue on the skin please! D:

My friend helped me make a little badge as well to wear. She’s a designer and managed to whip it up in like five minutes, with multiple options to boot! I chose the simplest one with a a little mug shot of me on it. I tried to look super studious and series but I think I just look morose. Anyway, the badge showed the perks of having talented friends. I’m hoping she’ll let me dress her as a ninja turtle for the con in exchange.

Now I think I’m all set. Probably won’t be posting anything until the recap. EEEEEEeeeeeeeee! Excited! Can’t wait to see you guys there!




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