Beetlejuice Materials

Hi guys!

Monsterpalooza is this Friday, so I wanted to give another little update. Here is a quick look at the materials I needed in order to create my Beetlejuice look.

20160909_135604 20160909_135608





















I honestly tried not to look online too much at Beetlejuice cosplays because I wanted to make it my own and not be influenced by others. That being said, I have seen some interpretations of this character at various cons and they have been amaziiiiiing! Some people have done the carousel hat really true to the movie with lights and motion and little creatures dangling about. Since I was going with a fancy femme interpretation, I wanted to do a parasol and have it just be a little nod to that scene.




For my parasol, I started out with a basic cheapy one I picked up off of amazon. It came with a tan handle and little tan tips at the ends. I wanted it to be completely black so I sprayed it with a couple coats of flat/matte black paint. I also had to glue one of the tips because it had broken.  -____-


20160909_185221 20160909_185226










After painting it, I went to work on my creepy crawlies. I had acrylic paint and rubber bats on hand (oddly enough, I didn’t have to buy these) so I painted each of them uniquely. Then, I took fishing line and cut 10 of them (one for each tip) to the same size. I used a box cutter to put holes in the bats’ wings so that I could tie them securely to the tips.


20160909_182024_001 20160909_182039-1 20160909_182007










Alright, now that I’ve talked your collective ears off, I’ll show you the final results on the big day! I know, such a tease.

Get ready for the ghost with the most, baby!





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