Monsterpalooza Make-Up

Hi hi!

I wanted to give an update on my cosplay plans since the events are right around the corner. I’ve begun some of the crafting needed for my projects, but one of the biggest elements will be the make-up, so I’m starting with that.

For Monsterpalooza, I decided to do a femme version of Beetlejuice. I’ll be wearing a black and white striped skirt and matching halter top, heels, and lace gloves. I’ll also be carrying a parasol as a prop. The parasol will be a tiny nod to the scene in which Beetlejuice has the carousel hat and creepy unraveling mallet arms. Oh, and I’ll be doing my hair wild and crazy with a lil bitty spider in it for good measure.

Side note — did you know that it’s “tarantula mating season” in California? I heard that on the radio today. So actually, this Monsterpalooza thing might be a moot point since I’ll be fleeing the state tomorrow. -____-

First pass at femme Beeteljuice:

PrettyBeetleJuice PrettyBeetleJuice2

Obviously this is REALLY rough, but I wanted to give an idea of what I’ll be doing. I don’t even have mascara or falsies on in these pictures so my lashes are sad, but falsies make me want to stab people, so I never do practice make-up with them. I am using a white face paint for the base and Urban Decay’s electric palette primarily for the colors in case anyone is interested. (If you’re a cosplay fan, I highly recommend that palette. It’s so vibrant and fun!) Overall, I want the make-up to be “feminine” while still retaining that grimy, smudgy, grossness that Beetlejuice is known for. I also purchased moss from the craft store that I’ll be applying to the area around my hairline with spirit gum.

In October, I’ll be attending a different event around Halloween, and I decided to do my masculine Beetlejuice look then. As of right now, I plan on wearing black and white striped pants, a black blazer, a white top, and a black tie. Depending on how the halter top looks with it, I might opt for the halter instead.

Here is the masculine look I plan on using:

MasculineBeetleJuice MasculineBeetleJuice2

Again, REALLY rough, but it’s an idea. As you can see, I’ll have more hard lines on my face and darker brows. I’ll also be doing my hair in a less poofy way and more greasy. Yay grime!

I think you’ll agree with me when I say that with either look, I’m reaching peak levels of hotness. RAWR! 😉


I’m going to be playing around with these a lot in the next couple of weeks. Stay tuned for more Beetlejuice posts and Poison Ivy make-up coming soon. Thank you for reading!




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3 Responses to Monsterpalooza Make-Up

  1. LexieG says:

    Crap I’ll miss you at Son of Monsterpalooza! Im going Saturday and Sunday. My favorite show in California is Monsterpalooza shows. Their spring show is HUGE in Pasadena way bigger then ScareLA. Will you be attending then? It’s usually in April I think.

    • GoreyCorbin says:

      Sad! 😦 I wish I could go Saturday but I’ll be at LBCC and Sunday is a work day for me. I will be at Monsterpalooza in the spring though I hope. Maybe we’ll get to meet then!

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