Recap: ScareLA 2016

Okay, folks, time for the ScareLosAngeles 2016 wrap-up!

My day started at 7:30 AM, not by choice, but rather because I woke up to a text message and couldn’t get back to sleep. I figured since I was already up I might as well get to work. I’m honestly glad I had extra time because I had a ton to do and this allowed me to drink a nice cup of joe, walk my dog, etc. without feeling stressed.

I’m not going to lie, I was pretty proud of myself for putting on every piece of costume/makeup in the correct order. Usually I’m the person who has a full face of makeup on and then realizes she needs to slide a white shirt on over it. It’s always messy. This time though, wig caps, dress, make-up, stockings, boots, and the wig for last. Check, check, aaaaand check. I also brought my lollipop with me because I knew I’d be covering it with fake blood and should wait until the very last second.

The convention was hands down one of the best cons I’ve ever attended. Top 3 for sure I’d say. My friend Nicole said to me as we walked in the doors: “You’re having an orgasm right now, aren’t you?” And yes. Yes, I was. It was like that from start to finish. I mean, I got my cheek kissed by a boa constrictor, found an original Universal Monster doll that I’ve been trying to track down for years, and got my lollipop bitten by a creepy ass clown puppet. What more could a girl ask for?

It was just so fun seeing whole families getting in on the action. That is one of the things I love about cons–something for everyone. I saw a little girl dressed as Elvira, one as Chucky, and a teeny tiny El from Stranger Things. It was so precious. As much as my costume was well received by adults, the kids were totally about it. That made me so happy. I took lots of pictures and handed out lollipops (minus the gore) to them. One little boy was too afraid to take a picture with me but was psyched about the candy. That’s how I normally lure them into my van, so I figured it would work.


Here is a short list of vendors that stand out in my mind:

  1. Local Boogeyman – Been a fan of this brand since it was Red Moon Coyote and honestly the new moniker is so much for fitting. Everything is spooky, rebellious, and/or–to be frank–offensive. Not for the faint of heart, I’d caution.
  2. Sweet Midnight – Think creepy kawaii. Their tagline is “The Dark Side of Cute” and it really is. They had lots of adorable pins and rings that I would love to give as gifts. Oh and those coffin bags? Yeah, you will be mine one day.
  3. Cheltenham Road – I resisted the urge to buy this time around, but something tells me my cubicle at work will soon be rocking some of their vintage Halloween magnets and coasters. Click the link for this crafter’s wordpress site that can easily route you to his etsy store.
  4. Sheri DeBow – She was so sweet and bubbly! I loved her and her bubblegum hair so much. Honestly, her sculptures are a wee bit spendy, but they’re stunning. I really wanted one of the creepy decapitated doll head ornaments, but alas, I don’t carry that much money on me when I go to cons for that very reason.

Below is a gallery from the big day starting with snap shots on the ride over and ending with some things from around the interwebs that were pointed out to me after the event:


Also, check out this video from bky guy that I said I’d gladly pass along. He has a few up from the event. I think I come in to play in this one at about the 3:40-ish mark if you’re curious.

Overall, had a creeptastic time and can’t wait for next year’s event. I’m also really interested in attending more horror cons in general. I’ve only been to a couple of small ones before, and it seems that a bigger scale event in this case is best to get more bang for your buck. Monsterpalooza and Midsummer Night’s Scream are in my future for sure.


I’ll be posting about a project I have going on in my bedroom (sounds weird but I promise is isn’t scandalous) and LBCC 2017 that is coming up in — eek! — just about a month! So stay tuuuuuuuned, boys and ghouls!


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6 Responses to Recap: ScareLA 2016

  1. TheHound says:

    I can’t formulate words to describe your post. Wow! So creepy and cool! Your cosplay looks awesome and the treats to hand out to kids was probably a huge plus. I also love what you did with your eyes, making them larger and more doll-like under your lower lid. It definitely ups the scare factor. The shot where you’re on the trike is intensely cool as well.

    I’m fan-boying on your post. Haha. Thanks for taking the time to write!

    • GoreyCorbin says:

      Thank you! You are too kind. Yeah, I was happy with the way the look turned out. I was going to go with bloodier eyes at first, but then I decided heck, if I’m going to be a doll, I should really go for it, you know? I actually did false lashes on the part that is meant to be the lower lid as well for emphasis. I think that helped open them up a bit. Thank you for reading and noticing!

  2. Your costume was amazing! And I’m so glad you had good time at the con. Thanks very much for the shout out for my coasters and such – very kind of you and means a lot to me.
    Have a great time at Monsterpalooza!
    (Cheltenham Road)

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