Five Favorite Things for September

Julie Bolene – I just got a tattoo from Julie Bolene at American Electric Tattoo Co. in Los Angeles, and I couldn’t be more pleased. Julie was lovely and she is so talented that I can’t wait to get more work done by her. All hail this bold-lined, colorful queen!


Mad Max: Fury Road – I love love loved this movie. I’m so glad I can watch all the dust-flying, blood-guzzling badassery from the comfort of my own home now. Now that LBCC is over and I’ve turned my sights on other costumes, I’ll be working on a War Girl & Blood bag for my husband and I (respectively obviously) as an homage to the movie. I think we’ll wear it to Long Beach Comic Expo or Wondercon come spring. Witness us shiny and chrome!

Dawn of Worlds/Titansgrave – If you haven’t heard of it, Dawn of Worlds is a quasi table top RPG game in which you and your friends build a world together. You each get a god, an avatar (its conduit on earth), and a chosen race. The possibilities are endless though. I’m such a geek for anything fantasy so I got a little too in to building the lore for my people.

After you’ve built your world, you create characters and a GM guides you through a campaign, peppering in background you’ve established during the previous stage. It sounds complicated but it isn’t really. For information on how this works, watch Titansgrave: The Ashes of Valkana on youtube. It is fantastic and Will Wheaton is very informative.

Here are some pictures from the world my group of seven built and ran campaigns on:

WP_20150815_035 WP_20150808_002 WP_20150808_007 WP_20150808_019 WP_20150815_027

The Wolfman – Though the movie was rather forgettable, there was always one line that stuck with me: “Never look back. The past is a wilderness of horrors.” I always found that really beautiful and poignant. It’s weird when films or books are like that. Overall, not the best or even bad, but maybe it has a line that speaks to you. I decided to pick up John Maberry’s book because of that line and my abiding love for horror. It was actually pretty great. Quick read and impressive considering he hadn’t seen the film when he wrote it. Sir John Talbot would give it 4 out of 5 full moons.

Mary Roach – An author I’ve fallen in love with over the past year is Mary Roach. She explores topics which she finds interesting and extensively researches them, often traveling abroad to interview specialists in their field. The result is a deep knowledge of a certain vertical, and while it could easily get a bit heady, she manages to write in such a wonderfully accessible way. I’ve read Stiff: The Curious Lives of Human Cadavers and Spook: Science Tackles The Afterlife thus far. I am going after Gulp next. I like to read these while I’m on the stairmaster at the gym. The time goes by quickly, and I don’t feel like my brain is melting from boredom. I feel like these would also be great books to have on audio assuming she narrates it herself.

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