Long Beach Comic Con 2015

Hi guys!

After hours of work and preparation, the big day finally happened! Sunday I attended Long Beach Comic Con 2015 dressed as the Vargulf from Hemlock Grove. It was so much fun! Below is a short summary of the day we had. If you haven’t seen the ending of the first season of HG, this post contains SPOILERS! Ye be warned!


When we walked in the doors of the con, a man from the first booth we saw asked for a picture. He was really nice and said, “Hemlock Grove, right?! That’s awesome! Keep it up!” That pretty much made my whole day. Just to have one person know where the wolf was from was really cool. (Runner up? A little boy that said to his brother while pointing at me, “That’s the coolest costume EVERRRRRRR!” Quite high praise with superheroes running around left and right looking awesome.)

We got a lot of goodies while walking the floor. There was a Heisenberg for president poster, a little lasercut Stormtrooper pin for my friend to go with her X-Wing cardi and vintage Star Wars dress, and a sweet little comic called Man VS Rock. (Check that comic out if you get a chance! The writer was really fun to talk to and the comic was pretty hilarious.) We also found an Infinity Gauntlet piggy bank that was AMAZING. We were expecting it to cost something obscene but it was really reasonably priced. Ricky recently got a Thanos hoodie and when we saw the gauntlet, we were both like, yeah, you have to get that immediately.

Besides all the awesome artwork and treasures on the floor, one of the highlights of our trip was getting to take pictures in front of “Baby”, Dean’s Impala from Supernatural. Five bucks is all it costs to make me squee with delight as it turns out. We did two main poses, me attacking him as the vargulf (seemed fitting for the show) and then him killing me with the First Blade. We also got pictures of the dashboard of the Impala which had been signed by the entire cast. They gave us FOUR posters of Baby too, which was an added bonus. Everyone running the booth was so nice and into it.

Just like years past, the con had an impressive number of movie replica cars on display. They had the Jurassic Park jeep, the TMNT van, KITT from Knight Rider, etc. again but they had some new ones as well. Baby was a new addition, as was the sweet Joker-tagged police car. I got a picture of that on our way out of the con because it was too cool not to. Not pictured though was the creepy ass ventriloquist’s dummy hanging out of the back. Ick!

On our way out of the con we also passed a Carol and Maggie from TWD. I never ask to take pictures with people mostly because I’m too shy. I tend to just admire from afar. This time though, I had to get a picture. I’m sure they were both thinking who the hell is this crazy wolf girl accosting us the second we approach the con? Oh well, they were so on point it had to be done! The chocolate chip cookies were perfection.

Here is a gallery of the day. So much fun! Can’t wait for next year.


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