Vargulf Cosplay Process: Post #6

Hi there! Here is the next step in my Vargulf cosplay process. This one is shorter than the rest because it focuses on just one specific task.

Thanks for reading all the same!

1)  I pulled the Vargulf head out of the bowl it had been sitting in. It came out pretty easily.

2) I then used a knife to cut away the excess silicone. I cut all along the edges of the face (carefully!) so that I could peel it off of the form. This took a while as the silicone peels very easily off of clay, but not easily off of the foam. Wherever it touches foam, you’ll have to carve a bit to get it off. I was also trying really hard not to shank myself, as I’m quite accident-prone.

3) Once I had cut away all of the excess silicone, I was ready to remove it from the clay mold. For this, I had to remove the plaster shell from the outside, otherwise I’d probably be wiggling it forever.


4) It took a little gentle pulling and patience around the mouth area, but I finally got it all removed. I had to be gentle because I didn’t want it to rip on a tooth or something. Actually, a few of the bottom teeth and the tongue came out into the mold during this process. I easily popped them out inversely (like you would with one of those rubber ice cube trays) and placed them gently back into the mouth. It is important to keep your clay mold intact in case something happens during the silicone/plastic phases and you have to recast. You don’t want to destroy all your hard work prematurely. In fact, I’m keeping my clay mold until after my mask is completely done. I’m not taking any chances!


5) Here is a final look at what all the layers looked like when separated from each other:

So many mouths. RAWR!

So many mouths. RAWR!

Come back for the next post, the plastic phase!

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