Recap: SDCC 2015

Hi all! Just wanted to give an update.

As you all know, I’ve been working on some cosplay options, including Psylocke and an 80s-style Polaris. However, going to SDCC a couple of weeks ago, I decided at the last minute not to dress up. There were a couple reasons for this: First, I just wanted my first time at the granddaddy of cons to be kind of pure. I wanted to go and experience it and not be posing for pictures with people or lugging around a prop with me all day. Second, It was a nearly 3 hour drive there and back (we couldn’t find a good deal on a hotel in time), and I didn’t want to wear a mask, face paint, or something else uncomfortable for that long. The drive out to Long Beach for LBCC wearing my Wickerbottom make-up was uncomfortable enough to tell me I didn’t want to multiply that by ten. Third, my most put-together outfit that fits me properly and doesn’t have to be taken in (the others I’ve worn were at a larger size) is the Psylocke costume and I wasn’t sure I was confident enough yet to pull off her—what should I say here?—best assets. Fourth and last of all, as far as cosplay goes, I find it more fun at smaller cons that have a lot of heart to be honest. Though the scene is changing a lot, I feel like you can really stop and have a conversation with other cosplayers at a small con where at a big con you’re kind of jammed together and sweaty and also side-by-side with people who actually do this for a living. To me it just wouldn’t be as fun is all. Maybe next time!

Here are some pictures I snapped from my time at SDCC. I did go in Walking Dead gear (knee-high socks with zombies on them, a Fight the Dead, Fear the Living shirt, and “bloody” dip-dyed hair) so at least I was on theme, right? 😛 (Sorry for the poor quality!)


It was a pretty magical day from start to finish. We went with our friends who had been before, which honestly really helped streamline the process a bit.


  • I got to see the cast of Supernatural, and Jensen Ackles, love of my life, smiled in my general direction. I made an audible squeal that made my husband do a double take. I swear it was totally involuntary.
  • While on the floor, we also saw the cast of the new show Scream Queens, including OG Jamie Lee Curtis and AHS’s Emma Roberts. Ms. Roberts actually looked right at me and smiled as she was exiting the floor. I hoped she’d say, “Surprise, bitch!” but I wasn’t lucky enough for that. I only wish Evan Peters had been there as well. Swoooon.
  • I loved the Penny Dreadful booth because it was decorated so beautifully. It perfectly captured the show. They had a raffle going on for their new Clue game, and even though we didn’t win, I know I’m going to end up getting it anyway. All the rooms in the game are based off of the show, like the creepy zoo and Sir Malcolm’s study. I’m a sucker for a good theme.
  • The Star Wars booth was obviously amazing because Episode VII had everyone abuzz. I was considering buying a Wompa backpack after I saw a Stormtrooper walking around with one on his back, but then I saw they were having a sale on little plushies. The Rancor spoke to me, and if you get a Rancor, well, you need a Jabba to go with it. I’ve been sleeping with my Rancor every night. Jabba remains on the shelf however, because he is far too villainous for my bed.
  • I bought a cat Han Solo button from Jenny Parks to wear on my lanyard. She also does Sherlock, Game of Thrones, Star Trek, etc. I’m not a Trekkie (though I would love to start watching!) so I was a little sad that the hairless cat (my fave) was Picard. I’d imagine it was really amazing if you’re a fan of the show, but for me, Patrick Stewart is only Professor X and a damn fine lobster in a tub.

Even though I didn’t wear a costume to SDCC, fear not! I’m currently working on crafting two costumes that I promise to wear. One is for LBCC on September 12th and the other is actually just for Halloween, but I may re-use it for a con.

Costume 1: The Vargulf from Hemlock Grove–I won’t spoil who it is just yet if you haven’t seen it. I know it probably isn’t getting picked up for a third season, but I will always love Eli Roth’s little monster. I think just like Cabin in the Woods is a love letter to horror, so too is Hemlock Grove a love letter to the paranormal/supernatural genre. It is oh so Twin Peaks-y and I loved it despite quite a few flaws. I will show pictures of the mask construction I’m doing in steps. We’ll see how it goes. I’ve worked with face paint, liquid latex, and special effects blood/flesh before but I haven’t crafted anything out of plastic, which the snout will require. Pictures to follow!

taken from

taken from

Costume 2:  My husband and I will be going as a War Boy Girl and a Blood Bag inspired by Mad Max: Fury Road. My costume requires only facepaint for the War Boys’ silver inhalant/spray and a general haunting appearance, but Ricky would like me to craft a mask a la Max. I’m going to be working with plastic again, but it will be a different process from the Vargulf. Pictures of this will come as well!

taken from

taken from

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