Recap: Long Beach Comic Expo 2015

Well, yesterday was the big day! I got up at 7 AM, walked the dogs, grabbed a cup of coffee, and then went to work on my cosplay for Long Beach Comic Expo. It took probably an hour and a half to get the hair and makeup just right, but I was really pleased with the look. To me it captured the essence of Wickerbottom–permanent grimace, frown lines, and all! Check out the gallery below. These were obviously just taken prior to the con, but I’ll post any I see of my wandering about if they pop up online.

The con itself was a lot of fun. We got some great artwork. There was an artist called Bowie (big name to live up to) that we bought three prints from. One was of Jaws swimming through remnants of the Orca. We got it because I’m a big fan and we want to hang it in our bathroom alongside our Creature from the Black Lagoon poster to round out are movies-of-scary-things-that-will-kill-you-in-water theme. One was of the Ninja Turtles perched on a cathedral cross silhouetted by lightning and a similar one of Gargoyles. They are very similar, so we plan to hang them side by side. We also got some cute prints of a Big Hero 6/Guardians of the Galaxy mash-up from another artist, and some Batman Beyond ones from a friend who had his own booth.

After a handful of hours we had pretty much walked the whole floor twice and my feet were ready to fall off and my face was itching from all of the caked-on makeup, so we were ready to get out of there. All-in-all, there were some really great booths. I just wish that Klei Entertainment had been there so I could show them some love! On the plus side, despite being an obscure character, a little girl knew who I was!


I was browsing a gallery and found my picture! It is very similar to the gallery, but check it out if you like. I think next time I would bring some props with me to make her even more identifiable.



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