Wickerbottom Cosplay

Hi all!

Just a quick update on my Wickerbottom cosplay for Long Beach Comic Con.

My hair and makeup products have arrived. In case you’re curious, I ordered a couple of tubes of no-smear white stage face paint, a black face paint crayon, a can of black hairspray, and a can of white hairspray. For my hair, I plan to do a high bun with no bangs–just a couple of curly fly-aways hanging out for that I-just-slaughtered-a-nest-of-spiders look. I’m going to hold that in place with regular hairspray. Then I will spray it all over with the black hairspray. Once that is done, I’m going to spray in just a little white and run through it carefully with a comb. That should ideally achieve the same look as her character in the videogame.

As for my makeup, I plan to do a completely white face (including lips) and neck. I’m not sure about my hands as of yet as I feel that would get really tricky. They’ll probably have to stay bare. Then I’m going to line my lips with the black crayon. Wickerbottom has a permanent grimace, so I need to do a downward-turned line and sharp cupid’s bow top lip. I’ll also be using the crayon to do some shading/line work on my forehead and cheeks to achieve her sallow, weary appearance. Given that all the characters have a hard black outline around the eyes, I will line my eyes with my normal eyeliner and mascara that I use day-to-day.

The outfit is coming along. I found a shirt that I think will work perfectly for Wickerbottom, though her exact outfit is a bit hard to see in the game. Is it a blazer? A sweater? Is it one piece? I’m not sure. I went mostly off of the little figures you can buy at the Klei store, but I took a look at the Don’t Starve wikia and some fan art that is floating around out there. I did the same with the shoes because in the game they look nearly white with pointed toes but elsewhere they seem more like gray booties with a chunky heel and laces.

I plan to use my own reading glasses for the outfit. While the figurine from the Klei store shows it as just glass frames, the hard lines of her character in the game make it look more like black frames. Mine are rectangular and black with clear bottoms, so I think they’ll be a nice middle ground.

I’m still not sure on her skirt. The Klei store figure depicts it almost as a red pencil skirt with abstract black lines, but the wikia page goes for more of an A-line plaid skirt that seems maroon to me. I already have to take in the shirt I found a bit, so I’m debating finding the right pattern for the skirt and sewing it myself. I did spot a striped skirt ina thrift shop window that I could potentially dye maroon. Hmmmmm. So many possibilities!

We’ll see! Posts soon to come. Can’t wait for LBCC! Ooooh also, check out these amazing cosplayers doing a short Don’t Starve video. They’re wearing blind lenses so they can’t actually see.

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