Five Favorite Things for January

1. Telltale Games – I have collected quite a few Telltale games in my Steam library over the years, and I don’t think I’ve ever played one that I didn’t enjoy. Some I’ve enjoyed far more than others, sure, but there aren’t any that I hated. I love the more recent ones that are very Choose Your Own Adventure. Situations have multiple outcomes and characters formulate opinions based on your actions.

Clementine will remember that.

It’s super interesting. I really love seeing the community polls at the end of each game, especially when I’ve made what I deem a right decision, only to find that it is grossly unpopular. I feel it actually reveals a fair bit about our personality types.

I’m currently working my way through The Walking Dead, and I finished the first Game of Thrones episode, but the game I really fell in love with was The Wolf Among Us. I’m actually writing another post about that game specifically, because it was so terrific. I finished all five episodes in the span of a day, and I’m going to replay it fairly soon to see what would have happened had I made other decisions. I’m just too curious!



I hadn’t read “Fables” before either (I saw it at Wondercon and thought about picking it up, but went for another stack of things instead), so the fact that Telltale made me love TWAU so much was impressive.

2. PB2 Powder – So on my way to eating better, I had taken a hiatus from peanut butter. The reason for that honestly was that I was abusing it. A tablespoon on my toast? Yeah, no. I’d have like four from the jar as a snack. It was out of hand. After going without it for a couple of months though, I was singing the peanut butter blues. I was about to cave and buy some more, when I found this powder at my local Ralphs. I read that by pressing out the natural oils from the nuts, PB2 managed to cut the fat and calories of peanut butter wayyyyy down. Needless to say, I was thrilled. Putting it in smoothies or stirring it into my pancakes has been great because it gives food that peanutbutter kick without tipping the scale. I like it a lot.

That being said, the internet seems pretty conflicted about it.

For a couple of different perspectives:

I would say that if you can control your consumption of any kind of nut butter and just use it in small amounts for a little healthy fat/protein boost, the real deal is the way to go. However, if you’re like me and you struggle with putting down the spoon, PB2 is a good option.

3. Law and Order: SVU – Gosh, I forgot how ridiculous this show is. I stopped watching when the love of my life, Elliot Stabler, left the show and I found the new detectives grating. I only picked back up because the most recent few seasons came to Netflix and I’m a notorious Netflix junkie. SVU is so easy to binge watch because the episodes are so similar–all the same tropes and conventions, all the same ridiculous lines…


found on pinterest


4. Don’t Stave Together – I bought the beta for this as soon as it was offered because I love Don’t Starve so much and had been reading about the multi-player version for a while. I couldn’t imagine a better couple’s activity than playing together. Now we pretty much sit in the same room and shout at each other from our respective computers, “NO! THE FIRE! DON’T LET IT GO OUT!” “PIG PEOPLE! PIG PEOPLE!” “STAB HIM IN THE FACE! IN THE FAAAAAACE!” and other crazy things. Our neighbors probably think we’re insane, and you know what, maybe we are.

5. Seahawks – I’m always a fan regardless of the month (12th man, baby!) but I have to add this to January just because the Superbowl is so close. Healthy snacks? Check. Seahawks regalia? Check. A spot-on Richard Sherman impression ready to perform on demand? Check, BITCH! NO ONE KNOWS ABOUT ME! NO ONE TALKS ABOUT ME!


found on


Go hawks!

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