Five Things to be Thankful for in November

Happy Turkey Day! Here are my five favorite things for the month. I hope you all are passed out in a pile of mashed potatoes the second after you read this. 😀

1. Arctic Zero – This ice cream substitute has been a life saver while being on a diet. It is such a good option for people trying to keep their blood sugar and/or calories in check because it is made with monk fruit. Who woulda thunk it, huh? Monk fruit. Sounds oh so appealing. I mean Hugh Jackman? Pfft. Give me Friar Tuck, am I right ladies?
I would actually recommend throwing in some chopped almonds or toasted coconut into your arctic zero. It is just a small amount of extra effort but it makes a huge difference. I’m sure you could use a sugar free caramel sauce or something like that too.
As an alternative (warning, this is only for people who live in LA) Frog Frozen Yogurt has a no sugar added coffee blend at the moment that is equally tasty. Bonus, they deliver!
Pandora2. Grunge – Blame it on homesickness, but lately all of my drives home have been to Alice in Chains, Pearl Jam, Nirvana, etc. It instantly transports me back to Seattle when I have a hot cup of coffee in my hand and some good music.
That’s it. I’m calling it. I suffer from nostomania. You’ll find me some night soon in Seattle, possibly naked, running the streets with a dazed look, singing Down in a Hole. Keep your eyes peeled.
[nos-tuh-mey-nee-uh, -meyn-yuh]

Word Origin
1. intense homesickness; an irresistible compulsion to return home.

pvz3. Plants vs Zombies – I’ve been getting back into this lately after beating it over and over again, earning all the achievements, and getting sick of it. I think there is something fun and addictive about the Vase Breaker puzzle mode. I guess it is because I have a competitive streak. The highest run I’ve gotten to is 37, which is just an onslaught of giant zombies. I’m sure there is someone out there that has been to level 60 or something absurd like that, but I couldn’t imagine. At some point there must be one pea shooter and 34 mega-zombies ready to crush you.
4. We Are What We Are – I watched this film the other night and while I have issues with the ending (I think that it could have been immensely better with a minor tweak), it has Michael Parks in it, and that negates everything I feel about the ending. Michael Parks is such a criminally underrated actor. He shines in whatever film he is in, whether you like the film or not.
I just saw Tusk as well and while I enjoyed it, a lot of people had a really visceral reaction to it. I’m talking boiling with rage. People wanted their time and money back. However, I love Smodcast and believe that just like Cabin in the Woods was a love letter to the horror genre, Tusk was a love letter to Smodcast. Plus it is always cool to see art inspire other art.  I digress.
The point is Michael Parks owns and although his part in the movie isn’t huge, he gets enough time to give an understated, beautiful performance. The rest of the cast was great too, especially Bill Sage.
5. Garlic Mashed Cauliflower – I will put up a recipe and geekery companion for this shortly, but I just have to say that I’ve never loved a lowcarb option like this before. I know that diet food sounds gross, and maybe the thought of boiled cauliflower makes your skin crawl, but I promise you that if you took this to a Christmas party, no one would be the wiser. DELICIOUS.

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