Cool Guy News: Suicide Squad Speculations

UPDATE: Jared Leto to play Joker.

Seriously?! I love Jared Leto. Can’t wait to see what he does with this role.

Though I have to admit I wasn’t nearly as jazzed about hearing DC’s movie line-up as I was about Marvel’s, I am COMPLETELY down for a Suicide Squad movie. How could I not be? A gang of surprisingly lovable misfits and baddies thrust into some kind of dire situation is exactly the kind of magic Nicole Perlman found with the Guardians. I’m not saying it is as formulaic as antiheroes + incarceration = successful film, but I think there is definite potential there. Especially if they choose the right members.

It looks like we might be getting just that too. So far the speculated cast seems like a dream team to me. I mean, Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn? YES PLEASE. She was the real wolf in Wolf of Wallstreet, in my opinion. Jordan Belfort was just a putz who learned how to shuffle his money around, kiss ass, and live in the quaalude-enhanced moment. The Duchess on the other hand, knew what she wanted in Belfort and took it. Robbie isn’t her character, but if she can bring a bit of that Duchess moxie to HQ and mix it with some Angelina a la Girl Interrupted–or real life for that matter, that B is crazy–then we’re in good shape for a solid HQ on the silverscreen.

What do you think?

Will Smith & Tom Hardy Eyeing ‘Suicide Squad’ At Warner Bros – Update

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