If you’re at MSU, do it right.

Hi guys!

A long time ago I made a post about how Michigan State University was offering a course on the zombie apocalypse. I did it mainly as evidence that I’m not insane in my obsession with zombies and the idea of a Z-day in general. Well, whether I convinced you back then or not, MSU is at it again! The man who teaches this awesome course, Glenn Stutzky, let me know that there there is a new video for the upcoming “Surviving the Coming Zombie Apocalypse: Disasters, Catastrophes and Human Behavior” class, and it’s pretty epic. I would totally sign up if I went to MSU. In my opinion, this is such a valuable course to take because z-day is really just a fun, relevant example being used to help illustrate the ways in which mankind reacts in disastrous situations, be it good, bad, or very VERY ugly.

Speaking of zombies, be sure to pop on back to my blog in a couple of weeks for my opinions on this season of The Walking Dead as well as my definitive ranking of zombie movies. I always do a Game of Thrones wrap up, but since I am equally devoted to The Walking Dead and I’m currently cruising through the second compendium of the comic (available on amazon!), I thought I should give the show a little bit of my time just to be fair. I can’t wait to discuss the all that zombie gore, but more importantly, the wonderful human moments!

Oh, and I’m headed to Wondercon in April as well, so get ready for another convention piece!





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1 Response to If you’re at MSU, do it right.

  1. Dear YellowRanger,

    Looking forward to hearing your thoughts on this season of the WD.

    Last Friday we had a “Zombie on Campus” event. ZED, the Canadian Zombie, wore an old fashioned sandwich board advertising the course.

    It was a riot watching people interact and respond to him as he visited the Main Library, International Center, and the largest cafeteria.

    I wish you could have been on campus that day to join us on that adventure.

    The link below is to one of my favorite photos from the event. Somehow a real chef and a zombie standing next to each other cracks me up.

    Hope the link works.



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