Recap: Long Beach Horror and Comic Con 2013 (Part II)

Alright folks, here is part two of my great experience at Long Beach Horror and Comic Con. Thank you for reading these articles covering the adventures I had at Comikaze and LBCC, and please remember to check out the photo galleries in the previous posts. There are some cute pictures of awesome cosplay I saw while at the cons.


The hottest items at the con besides artwork were the Funko Dolls from Pop! Collectibles. You’ve probably seen them all over the place by now yourselves. It seemed like there were ten different booths selling them, and every booth had a new deal or set of characters that another did not. I decided since I already had ole Ice Beard, the main White Walker from the second season finale of Game of Thrones, guarding my DVDs at home, I needed to broaden my bad ass character repertoire. It was difficult to choose since they had some excellent killers (Hannibal Lector, Michael, etc.), but I ended up going with Diablo and Predator. I also got a Christmas Jack Skellington because, well, tis the season!


One of my favorite items though from the convention was actually a book that I didn’t even purchase, mainly because I had run out of money buying Sarah Stone’s art prints and the Funko Dolls. A booth that seemed to be displaying a huge hodge-podge of items was selling a book with a ton of extra behind-the-scenes-type stuff from the movie Cabin in the Woods. That movie was one of my favorites in recent years because it was a love letter to horror films, and I think that if you’re going to write a love letter to a movie genre, that is the one you should do. The book was filled with concept art, the screenplay, and what looked like some interviews with Joss Whedon. I am so happy that I could find it on Amazon because it will definitely be something I get in the future. Who doesn’t want to study the character models for the infamous Merman?


After purchasing the Funko Dolls and looking at that book, one of the last things we did was stop by a booth offering pictures with Star Wars characters, which was pretty awesome. Storm troopers wearing Santa hats? Yes please. It was so sweet to see little kids cozying up to Darth Vader and getting their pictures taken together. What was even better than that though, was a group of three somewhat elderly women who we kept seeing around the convention and actually ended up eating at the same table with later on. One of them, the shortest and cutest little woman of all time, was dressed as Wicket. I’m not talking casual cosplay here either. She was a friggen ewok, and she was dedicated to getting pictures with EVERYONE. She made sure to line up right by the Star Wars booth for a picture. I just hope it was for a picture with the rebels.


On that note, in the way of cosplay, we saw some pretty neat characters all around the convention floor. There was an extremely realistic Spawn, several Batman-related characters, and a kid who turned his unfortunate leg injury into a fantastic E.T. and Elliot costume. I was beyond impressed that he thought of a way to comfortably get around the con using a scooter that propped his braced leg as a bike a la the final scene in the movie. So awesome! There were also a few Ironmans (Ironmen?), a wonderful re-imagining of Ursula from The Little Mermaid, and a sweet female Daryl from The Walking Dead that stuck out in my mind.


There were a few things that set this convention apart from others as well. The first thing being that there was a pretty nice little children’s area set up. It was neat to see children being instructed on how to draw certain characters. It must get boring following around mom and dad all day. At least you can eat a hot dog, play with your new action figures, and draw Darth Vader, right? Secondly, there was a small booth selling alcohol. I thought, for a convention of this size, that was an ingenious idea. Who wouldn’t love a cocktail as they look at awesome nerdy stuff? Hey, maybe they’re trying to loosen you up and get you to buy things. Who knows and who cares! If the con was bigger though, I could foresee it being a problem with rowdy people. The horror element was the third and final stand-out that made this convention special. Most of the time, if you introduce horror, it ends up getting its own tiny convention. LBCC attempted to do a combination of things nerdtastic and scary so that you really got your money’s worth though, and I actually appreciated that a lot.


Over all, the convention was wonderful, and I will absolutely be returning in years to come. I can’t wait to see how, if at all, they expand Long Beach Horror and Comic Con. I would love to see even more horror, and an expansion on their panels and special guests as I felt that those were the only things that were a bit limited. Moar Moar Moarrrrrrrrrrrr!




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