Recap: Long Beach Horror and Comic Con 2013 (Part I)

Let me start out by saying that Long Beach Horror & Comic Con was fantastic. I had a blast the entire time I was there. I think it could stay the same somewhat modest size in years to come and still be amazing, but it definitely has the potential for growth. Even more fun stuff, I say! I’ve split this article in two just like I did with my last con article to allow for more info on all the fun I had.

Whereas I attended Comikaze solo, I decided it would be more fun to go to this convention with some friends. I had my press pass and they had their general admission tickets, so the only slight downfall was they had to wait in line and I didn’t. It barely took any time at all though.

We started at the main entry of the convention center where they had some really cool iconic cars on display. I hadn’t heard about that so it was a nice surprise. There were jeeps from Jurassic Park, the DeLorean from Back to the Future, Michael Keaton’s Batmobile, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles van, and Magnum P.I.’s car. I got my photo taken with the TMNT van, because I had had a much smaller toy version when I was little and was so excited to see a life-size one. I also posed next to a dinosaur on top of the Jurassic Park jeep. The little stegosaurus was so cute as it blinked its eyes open and close. I wanted to take it home with me.

Once we got our tickets, we proceeded into the main hall down a flight of escalators. I am always overwhelmed when I enter a convention because I never know where to start. My mind pretty much instantly does back flips at the sight of all the cool booths and I want to vomit rainbows. I managed to contain my excitement, however, and we did a zig-zag pattern on the con floor.

There were some great horror items being sold as a nod to the horror element of the con. My favorites came from a booth sponsored by Universal Hollywood. They had old school monsters printed on t-shirts, purses, belts, and so forth. Next door I saw an old Boris Karloff Frankenstein doll. It reminded me of one I had as a kid, but it was too expensive for me to purchase unfortunately. Oh and how could I ever forget the enormously creepy scarecrow that was made of strips of molded leather and some other fabric materials? He looked like a mixture of Leatherface and Jeepers Creepers. Very impressive and totally creepy. I talked to one of the women at the leather booth and she said that “he” came in second in a contest, and I have to tell you, I couldn’t imagine what would have come in first.

I got to talk to artist Sarah Stone for a bit as well. She and her friend were truly lovely and a pleasure to do business with. We purchased a few of her art pieces, my personal favorite being the Sherlock and John Watson combination prints. The way she made these painterly soft strokes and did the inverse black and white coloring was so impressive. She said that all of her pieces are done almost entirely on Photoshop, and the most complicated ones usually only take 8-10 hours to complete. That blew my mind. I couldn’t imagine making even the “simplest” one on Photoshop, let alone only taking a handful of hours to do so. I highly recommend checking out her stuff on DeviantArt here:

You need a good Christmas present for your mom anyway right? Might as well get her a beautiful print of Benedict Cumberbatch!

We talked to a couple of other artists down Artist Alley about Seattle Geeky Girls, and met a man who had actually attended Franklin High School. Go Quakers! It was a crazy coincidence, but he had evidently spent his adolescence on Vancouver Island and then transferred to VI’s sister school, Franklin. He promised to check out all of the wonderful geekery and beautiful models on our site, which was just an added bonus to finding a fellow Washingtonian far away from home.

I’ll stop right here for now. Be sure to check back for part two of this post!

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