Recap: Comikaze Expo 2013 (Part II)

Hi guys? Hmmm where was I? Oh yeah, I was checking out the collectibles booth at Comikaze Expo and wishing I had money to just blow left and right on amazing artwork graced by the signature of Bruce Timm.

Here is part II of my article and be prepared, it’s a long one. I thought originally that I would break this work into yet another part, but decided against it.

Here ya go!

After Reid’s Collectibles, I ventured to the celebrity area. I immediately spotted Michael Rooker who was hiding under a hat and a pair of aviators, as well as Michael Hogan and Edward James Olmos who was totally sporting a pony tail. That was pretty exciting, but since I had seen Mr. Olmos before at Emerald City Comic Con, I thought I might try to talk to Mr. Rooker. That was until I spotted the price list for autographs and photos. Yikes! No wonder these guys make a decent living. I swear, by looking at the length of the line, you could calculate how well-off these people were at the moment. I decided that I would try my luck with some of the more personable (translation: free!) celebrities in the cosplay area.

Toward the Hot Topic Main Stage, I spotted Comicbookgirl19 who I am a fan of for her Game of Thrones house history youtube videos, as well as her abilitiy to rock a pink mohawk and look so damn cool and pretty doing it. Now THAT is enviable. She and LeeAnna Vamp were next to each other, but they both had quite a crowd around them. I decided that if I had to choose someone to talk to and to wait in a long line for, it was definitely going to be Ivy Doomkitty.

Almost immediately after I made that decision, I spotted her booth. Not suprisingly, she was completely surrounded by men. They seem to be drawn to her like moths to a flame, completely oblivious to their surroundings or shouts of “Ouch, that’s my toe you’re stepping on, pal!” and “Hey, did you hear me? I’m pretty sure my toe is bleed–yeah, sure I can take your picture with her.” As I predicted, when my turn came, Ms. Doomkitty was kind, funny, sincerely engaged in what I was saying, and if it is at all possible, even more beautiful than her pictures.

Honorable mentions in the Just-Saw-In-Passing-But-Still-Kind-Of-Cool department also go to E.G. Daily and Catherine Cavadini, Kipleigh Brown, Abby Dark-Star, and Amy Nicoletto of LA Ink. By the way, Amy’s face really is like a work of art.

After getting my fill of mobs and lines of star-crazed fans, I headed to the BOOM! Studios booth. I milled around a bit until I spotted something special to me. As I picked up volume 1 of Irredeemable, a man approached from behind the table and said, “Do you know what that is about?” To which I replied, “Yeah, I’m actually dressed as Kaidan.” Unfortunately, it seemed like he didn’t know what the book was about. He looked a little puzzled at my statement and then stepped aside to answer someone’s question. I have to admit, though I am far from a replica of the character, I felt a little sad that no one at BOOM! would recognize a character from one of their books given that they have a somewhat limited collection compared to the other powerhouse publishers. I thought one person might know who I was talking about if I at least mentioned her by name. Not that everyone has to be an expert of course, but still. No love for Kaidan? At least I knew who I was representing!

Despite not being a huge Powerpuff Girls fan when I was younger, I decided to attend the Powerpuff Reunion panel next because I’m a definite fan of Tara Strong. What she does with her voice absolutely blows my mind. Luckily, I was not disappointed by this panel at all. The lovely ladies were thoroughly entertaining, talking about their favorite moments, lines, and villains, and putting on the voices while doing it. My favorite part was when they were handing out goodies to the crowd for insightful questions, and all a little girl on her father’s shoulders had to say was, “I’m six.” Of course she gets a freebie! Too cute. There was also a man who let Tara Strong know that he had named his daughter Raven after her Teen Titans character. Now that is fan dedication!

After the PPG panel finally came the big costume contest. It took a lot of standing around as they adjusted the lights and set up the judges table and chairs, but it was definitely worth the wait. Some very impressive costumes were presented. I loved seeing the ingenuity and different materials used by each contestant. One girl, cosplaying as Maleficent, used a Christmas ornament and some LED blinky lights to make the orb atop her staff glow. She was in character as well the entire time, which made her winning only third place ($200! Not bad!) that much better. She pulled a faux-attitude when accepting her place, and it made me chuckle.

There was also a guy who was an Electrical Engineering major in college and used his skills to have the face guard part of his helmet open and close at will. How cool is that? I guess I just appreciate anything that shows resourcefulness, and if it blinks and flashes and moves around, well, that’s just a huge bonus.

The judges I thought were fair, but overlooked some very admirable contestants by only asking “special questions” of those who had flashy electronics or obviously unique materials. One of my favorites, for example, was an adorably creepy Little Sister from Bioshock Infinite, and none of the judges even seemed interested in her rather impressive ADAM extractor. I understand they didn’t have time to ask every single person a question, but certainly that could have gotten one.

I wrapped up my night by changing out of my costume and into a sweet Bioshock T-shirt I got at GraphicLab. I was relieved that it fit given that I just eye-balled it from their booth. The guys selling the tees were so nice to put up with me attempting to decide which awesome tee I should get. That’s part of the reason I got a Krang tee as well!

All in all, it was a great experience, and I slept well after all the walking and talking I did. I can’t wait to return next year if possible. Comikaze, in my opinion, is bound to be the next big con. It just needs a few years to get there is all, but mark my words, it will.

Please feel free to check back for my last small piece on this convention as well as my adventures following Long Beach Comic and Horror Con which was this weekend and was awesooooooooooome!

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