Comikaze Pictures!

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Hey guys! Here are the photos from Comikaze Expo 2013.

Just a couple notes about the slideshow:

The pictures at the beginning are just test shots for my makeup, but I figured I’d throw in some random “selfies” so you could get an idea of what I looked like while at the convention. I soon realized that it is hard when you go alone to a convention to get shots of you and not just by you. In fact, the only shot I got taken of me is one I really hate since I had been at it for hours by that point and my wig was starting to slide off a tad, BUT it has Ivy Doomkitty in it, so who cares!!!

The teleportation bracelet I made for Kaidan’s outfit is hard to see in the picture accurately, but I assure you, it looked pretty cool up close. I felt like I did the comic version of the bracelet justice despite it not having the ability to teleport me to the front of any lines.

Finally, the costume contest pictures are admittedly quite dark because, as you’ll read in my next post, I apparently wasn’t quite up to the level of douchery it takes to push your way to the front row for all the best shots. Most of them only show the action as it was relayed on the giant screen. That will have to do!

Keep looking back for the next part of my Comikaze adventure article, as well as a special piece!

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