Comikaze Expo For Realzies!

Hi guys! Time for an update in the life of theyellowranger!

I know in the past that I’ve talked about going to certain conventions, and then for one reason or another it hasn’t worked out, and it’s been kind of disappointing. I was supposed to go to PAX: Prime, for instance, but then a couple of weeks before the con I found out that we had to move to Los Angeles ASAP. That move really derailed everything. Later in the year, I had to choose between Wondercon and San Diego Comic Con for financial reasons, and I obviously chose SDCC, only to lose out twice on tickets.

Now, however, I am 100% positively, absolutely, unequivocally certain that I will be attending Comikaze Expo during the first weekend of November. Yay! That’s right, not only am I attending on behalf of the blog you are reading right now, but I will also be representing Seattle Geeky Girls. I’ll be working the event, handing out some goodies and hopefully doing some cool interviews. I’ll also be in costume, so if you would like to say hello (and please do!) don’t look for me me. Look for Kaidan from Irredeemable.

That might come as a surprise to some of you because I had discussed possibly doing Rule 63 Castiel, super-awesome-90’s-cartoon-style Polaris, or Alice from Alice: Madness Returns. Well, I still plan on doing those in the future, but for this particular con, I really wanted to go as Kaidan. AND yes, before you say it, I am aware that I am not Asian in the slightest. I am as white as it gets—like a marshmallow or boiled chicken. Nearly translucent, actually. I guess it’s just my Washingtonian-cave-creature upbringing combined with a naturally fair complexion. Anyway, I really don’t think that matters. I fundamentally believe that cosplay should be about having fun and dressing up as a character that you love and not about race, sex, or body type. Unlike certain rage-monsters, I have no problem seeing gender-bent characters, an overweight Lara Croft, or an African American Superman. Ignore what those jive turkeys have to say, Supey! Go on with your bad self! That’s what I’ve always said.

Oh and just for good measure, I made sure to ask three male and two female friends (all of whom are Asian) if they would find it offensive for me to cosplay as an Asian hero given the abundance of white characters to cosplay as while there is conversely a disturbing lack of minority characters, and they all said it was cool.

So there you have it, 5 out of 5 Asians agree. It’s totally cool.

found on

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So like I said, if you see me at the convention, please do feel free to say hello because I always love meeting new people, especially readers or just like-minded individuals. That’s a huge part of the fun.

Comikaze here I come!

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