Cool Guy News: Saul and Gordon Get Shots at Solo Careers

Before Saul was the sleazy-yet-lovable lawyer tangled up in the affairs of Heisenberg, and before Commissioner Gordon fought crime with the aid of The Batman beneath a glowing symbol in the sky, both men led interesting lives of their own. Yes, it has been announced that these lovable side characters have been given shows of their own—Better Call Saul and Gotham obviously respectively—to show us what their lives were like before they met their infamous counterparts.

While Marvel introduced us to the prequel/spin-off Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. on ABC, DC will attempt to keep up with them by giving us Gotham on CW. Arrow has enjoyed mild success thus far (it is loosely based upon/inspired by the comic book character, but does not follow canonically at all as I understand it), and there is Flash soon to come, so DC is really just trying to pull out all the stops to reestablish themselves as the other comic powerhouse. “We can compete with Avengers, right guys? Who needs to properly build from the ground up? Not us!”

As far as AMC goes, they are clearly just trying to fill the gap that Breaking Bad will unfortunately soon leave. Walking Dead can’t do it on its own, and even though it has been jammed down all of our throats in the past few weeks, I don’t think Low Winter Sun is going to be a suitable replacement. I could be wrong, but it hasn’t held my attention thus far.

On Gordon:

On Saul:

How will these two gentlemen fair in the limelight? Only time will tell. You can guarantee that I am going to be watching both though.

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