So…Han Solo was sort of like Jar Jar?

Thought this was extremely interesting, but that could just be me.

taken from the article bellow

taken from the article bellow

I have been sick with an awful cold all week which made the QA process for the video game I work on a real treat. All of my co-workers treated me like I was carrying the plague that will inevitably spark Z-day, and my cubicle-mate was not so thrilled to be quarantined with me. For the record, A LOT of people were sick BEFORE me, I was just the only one to notice the pattern.

I know at this point you’re saying to yourself, “How can I have the fun that you had all week, yellowranger? I don’t want to be left out!” Well, fear not, reader. Simply follow these simple steps and my fun shall be yours:

Step 1. Sneeze all over your tablet while trying to play a game. Make sure a large quantity of what I’ll refer to from this point onward as “mystery fluid” obscures your view. You shouldn’t be able to identify your avatar as human or animal.

Step 2. Clorox wipe your tablet until it is spotless.

Step 3. Repeat for 9 hours a day.

Now that I am at home resting up, I have some time on my hands. The article about the original Star Wars screenplay got me thinking about watching some good old-fashioned Science Fiction. I actually posted a poll months back asking what movie/television marathon I should do at home, and the votes pretty much all went to a Sci-Fi Marathon, but I didn’t have a chance to follow through with it. Well, thanks to the Common Cold, I can sit back and enjoy said geekery. It’s time for Star Wars, Pandorum, T2, Star Trek, Matrix, Firefly, and maybe some Battlestar Gallactica. Awesome! Oh and if you have any other suggestions for me, I’m all ears.

Hope you all are enjoying your weekends!

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