Five Things for April

1. Marvel 700 Digital Comic Book Give Away


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Thanks to this amazing give away  from Marvel, I now have digital comics galore sitting in my online account. This weekend I’m reading Chaos War: X-Men #1, Amazing Spider-man Presents: Black Cat (again), Loki: Vol. 1, Sif: Vol. 1, A+X, Drax the Destroyer, and Gambit Vol. 4.

Fun Fact: If I existed within the Marvel universe, Gambit would totally be my #1 lay. Yowza! Send some of that energy my way, Cajun.

2.  Hemlock Grove


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It’s weird to see traces of Alexander Skarsgaard aka Eric in True Blood in his little brother Bill. Do vampires run in the family?

Since I am into True Blood, Supernatural, Grimm, and so forth, Ricky suggested I might like Hemlock Grove. Thus far, it is definitely keeping my interest. Though at times it can get a bit corny. I mean jeez louise, Jean Grey, what’s with that accent?

3. Nancy Drew and the Tomb of the Lost Queen

I thoroughly enjoyed this game and not just because my name appears in the credits. It had a whole new interface, some seriously enhanced graphics, and really fun extras and mini-games. I played on Master Sleuth for a change and found the lack of hints/tips to actually be a fun challenge. Aside from all that, the story is just really cool. Who doesn’t like ancient Egypt, mummies, and hidden treasures? No one. That’s who.

found on true

found on true

4. FeaB

As in Four Eyes and Beard with Nerdist’s Matt Mira and Smodcast’s Scott Mosier. This podcast is hilarious. They are both big twitter guys and I would totally tell them how much I love it and that I am ordering their show t-shirt if I had a twitter account or cared about it. #yolo. trending. oops, here’s a picture of my boobs that I didn’t mean to send. #nipslip. tweet tweet tweet. Am I doing this right?

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5. Evil Dead

I really enjoyed this new Evil Dead. It was pretty gory (which is to be expected) so I would advise against the corn dog puppies and ketchup when you see it. That could really turn your stomach. There is a scene in particular that takes place in a bathroom that was really hard for me to sit still through.

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