When one things ends, another begins!

I just wanted to remind everyone that tomorrow is the season finale for The Walking Dead and the return of Game of Thrones! So as soon as you’re feeling sad about one thing, remember that there is reason still to rejoice! Huzzah!

Celebrate the return of GoT in style with my 100% Guaranteed Fun GoT Drinking Game!

Gah I can’t wait to see some blood and boobies! Not necessarily together…

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4 Responses to When one things ends, another begins!

  1. There’s no reason to rejoice if you don’t have HBO.

    • theyellowranger says:

      True. I don’t have HBO anymore actually. I either have to pay for the episodes individually through Comcast or be a little behind the curve.

  2. I’m in the uk… I’m watching Walking Dead via download so still have the final eight episodes to go. I’ll intersperse them with Game of Thrones. And then Mad Men comes back too. Umm, watching TV is cool , right?

    • theyellowranger says:

      Totally! The one good thing about having to download or purchase shows and watching them later than everyone else is that you get to intersperse them with your other favorites just like you said. I was doing the same thing with True Blood and Supernatural. I was waaaaaaay late to those parties but it was also really great because I could watch them with Dexter, Breaking Bad, etc.

      I love Mad Men so I’m definitely looking forward to it returning and getting to watch it with Game of Thrones.

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