Ten Things for March

Since I forgot to do my five favorite things for February last month because I was so busy (I got in to grad school! Yay!) I wanted to make sure that I put it up this month. To make up for missing last month, there are ten things for March now!

1. Grimm

There is no reason that this should make me laugh, but it does.

There is no reason that this should make me laugh, but it does.

I am really happy that Grimm is back. That being said, can we wrap up this whole Juliette story line? You’re killing me guys! I mean, things have picked up in recent episodes, but I need for them to move on to something a little more exciting. Also, please change that opening theme because it is just awful.

2. Mini-pancakes

I’ve been on a mini-pancake bender recently. So delicious! I find that when you make them smaller, they cook more evenly and you don’t consume as many calories. I like a little peanut butter and syrup on mine. What do you like on yours? Ricky likes jam because he’s a freak.

3. Reedus

I have a new dog. He’s named Reedus after Norman Reedus because we got him on St. Patrick’s Day and Boondock Saint’s is our favorite Irish-themed movie and we also got him on a Sunday which is coincidentally The Walking Dead day and I, like all women, love Daryl. Did you see him in this last episode? My heart broke for him. Not as much as it did for Andrew Lincoln when Lori kicked the bucket (I sobbed) but still, so hard to watch strong men cry.


He’s a beagle basset hound mix. His legs are all stumpy and A-dorable.

4. Game of Thrones

As the trailers I’ve posted lately show, I am very excited for the season three premier of HBO’s Game of Thrones at the end of this month. I’ve read all the books, watched the first two seasons of the show, and I even have a White Walker bobble head, Icebeard, that will be watching the show with me. There are some things in this season that are going to be hard to relive. The RW for one. Here come the waterworks!


So true.

5. My new Windows phone

I actually took that picture of Reedus with my new phone. Seriously, the thing has changed my world. I used to have such a shitty phone because it didn’t even have zoom or a flash on the camera so all the pictures were blurry. It would also glitch out all the time during texts or decide to shut down whenever it wanted. I couldn’t get internet or anything before. This has been a huge improvement.

6. Disneyland’s Southern California Residents Annual Pass

When we have reached a better place financially (Ricky got a new job!), we are totally getting an annual pass. It is so worth it. You could potentially save hundreds of dollars. When I obtain one, I will be going every other weekend, especially because I could potentially be further south soon. Disneyland is my favorite place on earth and I will be so happy to be able to go there and blow off steam. Finals week, you say? Nope. DISNEYLAND!!!

7. Fuck, Kill, Marry or the PG-rated version Kiss, Kill, Marry

I have waaaaaaay too much fun playing this with Ricky. I think he only has fun playing it because he can comfortably ask me for both genders and I can really only ask him for one since the thought of doing any dude makes his skin crawl. To his credit, the other day I gave him Cam and Mitch from Modern Family and Ron Swanson from Parks and Recreation and he did answer. His choices? Kill Ron Swanson (gasp!) because, “he would be a threat to my manliness,” Marry Cam “because he seems like a good homemaker,” and kiss Mitch. I knew he had a secret bearded ginger fetish! AHA! Exposed!

8. Zoo Tycoon

Thanks to Ricky, I have just rediscovered this wonderful videogame. It’s so simple but so much fun. I am a huge fan of the Tycoon games in general because they allow for strategy and creativity. Right now I am building my own Jurassic Park. Would you judge me if I liked to release the dinosaurs and watch them kill guests? You would? Okay, well I’ve never done that before then. Only a weirdo would.

9. Jennifer Lawrence

I think the world is all about this chickadee right now because she is gorgeous, witty, self-deprecating, intelligent, and down-to-earth. It’s all the qualities you look for in a best friend. Check out this clip that made everyone laugh. Her oh-my-gosh facial expression gets me every time.

Oh and did you see when she tripped on her way to accepting an Oscar and Hugh Jackman rushed to give her a hand? Let’s think about that for a minute. Wolverine rushed to Mystique’s aid. So. Fucking. Awesome. Another reason I love Hugh Jackman as well.

10. Sherlock Holmes

I loved this show so much. Once I started watching I devoured it until there was nothing left. Now there is an empty spot in my heart until it comes back. Check out the link below for some ways in which Sherlock could return. (The fridge appearance is my favorite!)


Well, that’s it for now, kids. I will be updating again soon. I know I promised some Polaris pics for Wondercon but it turns out that I can’t make it there. I’m shooting for a badge resale for SDCC but I am sure everyone else is too. We’ll see. I’m hopeful, just not as naive as I was the first time around. *Shakes fist in the air* Damn you, SDCC! WHY?!

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2 Responses to Ten Things for March

  1. …and The Place Beyond The Pines gets released.

    • theyellowranger says:

      I know! Ryan Gosling is an amazing actor. Drive was one of my favorite movies of 2011 and I’m hoping this is another favorite.

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