Fuck you, SDCC.

My rage burns with the intensity of a thousand suns!

I know that everyone who misses out on a Con probably feels this way, but I got registered and waited all year for the 2013 SDCC badge sale and still lost out. I woke up at 8:30am and hit the link to the badge sale waiting room at exactly 9:00am and it just kept loading and loading and loading. Then by 9:03am, it tells me that the waiting room is full and there are no more badges. I am a reasonable person but for fuck sake! In the first 2 minutes everyone got badges but me?!


Clearly I’m not very happy. I can only hope that I can get tickets during the badge resale like they had last year. Ugh. Anyone else have this problem? Anyone else want to tell me their woes? I promise I will listen because I certainly don’t have anything better to do. :\

In summation:


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