Five Things for January

1. True Blood
found this smokin' picture on

found this smokin’ picture on

I know I’m a little late to the fang-bangin’ party here but I have become obsessed with this show. That’s usually the way it works. Ricky and I pick a show that we have heard good things about and become hermits devouring it. We’ve started the infamous Firefly as well, and Battlestar Galactica is up after that. Any more suggestions that I might like? Sherlock looks good.
2. Fruit
I’m attempting to slim down for Wondercon (I’ve been told that I can do side-bends and sit-ups but shouldn’t lose my butt) and fruit has become my best friend. Fresh produce in general. Gotta get those vitamins.
3. Frank Miller
found on

found on

There’s nothing NOT to love about Frank Miller’s work.
4. Skyfall
I loved loved LOVED the movie, but in this case I’m actually talking about the theme sung by Adele. Seriously, this song has been stuck on repeat in my brain for a week. It’s so hauntingly beautiful. The perfect fit for the movie.
5. Christoph Waltz
found on

found on

This guy has acting skills for daaaaaaaaaaaaaays. He was phenomenal in Inglorious Basterds and I was so thrilled to see him in a similar role in Django Unchained. Nathaniel Penn described him best when he said, “just as he did in Basterds, Waltz brings to the movie a kind of silky Continental braininess.”

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