Five Things for December

December has come and gone in a flash. Before we hit 2013, I wanted to get my Five Things post for this month all wrapped up. So without further ado…

1. Ron F*#%ing Swanson

Love love love Parks and Recreation. Ron is my favorite.


2. Gearing up for Wondercon!!!

As I hope you know by now, I’m getting in gear for my next convention. Wondercon takes place in Anaheim, CA at the end of March which means I have about three months to assemble not just an idea for cosplay but the costume itself. I need your help, dear readers! Please take my poll and let me know what you think I should go as to the convention. Thus far I think I’m leaning toward Rule 63 Castiel. Trench coat and thigh-high stockings? Yes please!

3. Writing Movies For Fun And Profit

This is a great read. I highly recommend it. Ricky got it for me for Christmas and I pretty much devoured it. Robert Ben Garant and Thomas Lennon are hilarious and still very informative. Even if you aren’t interested in writing or the process of getting a movie sold and made, it’s still interesting.

4. Pottermore

I love Harry Potter. The books. The movies. The world. That being said, I was a little late to platform 9 and 3/4 when it came to Pottermore. I remember way back when trying to get on the exclusive list of first-comers to use the site but being out of luck. So depressing. Now that it’s open to anyone and everyone though (only if you’re magical of course!) I am sort of obsessed with it. I like reading all the inside notes from J.K. Rowling. So interesting.

Out of curiosity, what house would you be in? You tell me yours and I’ll tell you mine.

5. Sid Meier’s Pirates

Blame it on all the guys and girls searching for “sid meier pirate titties” and “big tit pirate girls game” on my stats page, but I’m so in to this game. I love ransacking towns and wooing all those big booty hoes. I guess it’s just the scallywag in me.

Fun fact, I always give my pirates really inappropriate names because I'm pretty much 13 years old. Sir Harry Cockgobbler. Heh heh heh.found on

Fun fact, I always give my pirates really inappropriate names because I’m pretty much 13 years old. Sir Harry Cockgobbler. Heh heh. Classic.
found on

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