One of the perks of living in California is the great comic conventions. I’ve been looking forward to Wondercon and Sandiego Comicon (oh boy! oh boy! oh boy!) since learning that there might be the slightest chance that we would be moving down here. Naturally I have been thinking about what to wear to said cons just as long.

I have been tossing around a handful of ideas and I’d like to know what you all think. You know what that means, readers! A poll! Please let me know below who you think I should cosplay as for Wondercon 2013 since that is the first up on my schedule. Oh and if I need to provide you with sample costumes like I did for PAX (which ended up falling through unfortunately) then please let me know that as well. I will take your opinions in to consideration for sure.

Well go on then, dress me up!

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